How about the development prospect of glass wool board?
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Glass wool is a filamentous material made from molten glass.The fiberglass is centrifugally blow-moulded, sprayed with thermosetting resin, then thermally cured and further processed.Can be made into glass wool board, felt, glass fiber duct, air conditioning panel, high temperature glass wool and other multi-purpose system products.It has the advantages of non-combustible, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, low volume density, low thermal conductivity, enhanced chemical stability, low moisture absorption, good water resistance and so on.At present, it is considered to be an excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing material.Plates, felt products and pipes made from this material have been widely used in heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in construction, chemistry, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other fields.

glass wool

As one of the products of glass wool insulation materials, glass wool board not only provides us with a lot of warmth, but also has a lot of other characteristics, such as environmental protection and energy saving, noise reduction and so on.In particular, the introduction of the new building design fire protection code, widely used in construction projects, has become the main building insulation products, and the market share is large, the future development prospect is broader.

Glass wool board

As an excellent environmental protection material, glass wool board has a broad development prospect.Glass wool board for the internal fibrous, low thermal conductivity.Because of its strong heat insulation performance, it is widely used in the field of pipeline transportation, such as petroleum transportation, electric power transportation, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other industries.The fiber structure of glass wool is fluffy and staggered, not only the heat insulation performance is good, but also the sound insulation effect is very good. It is also widely used in the scene of floor sound insulation, KTV noise elimination, opera house sound absorption and so on, and has been widely recognized in the industry.

Glass wool board

Since the appearance of glass wool board, it has played a huge role in saving the earth's resources and protecting the natural environment, so it has been widely concerned around the world.Its emergence makes our construction industry and building materials industry develop more rapidly, from energy conservation and environmental protection, heat insulation, to sound absorption and noise reduction, not only promote the development of the construction and building materials industry;As a new environment-friendly material, it can also be used in transportation, automobile, aviation and other fields, with a wide range of applications and a broader prospect in the future.

Glass wool board