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Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of sound absorbing material which is often used in KTV, opera house and other scenes. It has good sound absorbing performance for high frequency sound.  In practical application, the thickness, density, air resistance and installation conditions of centrifugal glass wool affect the sound absorption performance of glass wool.  Today, Uetersen mainly introduces the influence of air flow resistance on sound absorption performance.  


Air resistance is the ratio of air pressure on both sides of the material to air velocity per unit thickness.  Air resistance is the most important factor affecting the sound absorption performance of centrifugal glass wool.  The flow resistance is too small, indicating that the material is sparse, the air vibration is easy to pass through, and the sound absorption performance decreases;  Flow resistance is too large, that the material is dense, air vibration is difficult to enter, sound absorption performance is also reduced.  


Therefore, for centrifugal glass wool, there is a stable range of air flow resistance. When the air flow resistance is in this range, the material is neither sparse nor compact, and the sound absorption performance is relatively stable.