What is the rock wool curtain wall fire insulation system?
2021-05-18       Source:

Rock wool is a common thermal insulation material, basalt and other volcanic rocks as the main raw material, after high temperature melting, the use of centrifugal blowing method made of mineral fiber, and then add environmental protection resin adhesive, by pressing, curing and cutting into tabular, felt and other products.  


Curtain wall is a kind of glass exterior wall, which is composed of panels and supporting structures. It is widely used in various commercial and public buildings.  But because the curtain wall has a cavity structure, and the thermal resistance of the main structure material is small, fire safety and heat preservation and energy saving is particularly important, so the performance characteristics of rock wool fire resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation, is the ideal insulation material for building curtain wall.  


Rock wool curtain wall fire insulation system is filled by rock wool board in the unit body wall board to play the role of heat preservation and insulation, reduce indoor and outdoor noise, at the same time, the surface of rock wool veneer can also prevent water vapor penetration to keep the room dry.  Rock wool curtain wall fire insulation system is divided into three parts: curtain wall thermal insulation rock wool board, curtain wall fire blocking rock wool board, curtain wall fire prevention special veneer, with fire blocking to keep the structure lasting, grade A non-combustible material can heat insulation, safety, environmental protection and energy saving function.  


With the development of China's economy, curtain wall is widely used as external wall insulation for high-rise buildings, commercial buildings and public buildings because of its light weight, convenient installation, wind pressure resistance, rain resistance and other functions.  Rock wool curtain wall fire insulation system as building exterior insulation system is also widely used.