Detailed explanation of tensile properties of glass wool
2021-05-25       Source:

With the development of national economy, the construction industry and building materials market is booming, especially the building insulation material is in high demand.And glass wool is a common heat preservation material, not only heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, but also cost-effective, is the best choice of building wall filling materials.


Glass wool is a kind of glass as raw material, through high temperature melting, the use of centrifugal method to draw wire glass fibrosis of inorganic materials.The diameter of glass cotton fiber is fine, tough, uniform, uniform distribution, good tensile performance.

Proved by the experiment, the tensile properties of glass wool is related to fiber diameter, more fine long glass fiber, the fiber can be more flexible, fiber molecular combination between more closely, further improve the fibers to grasp grip, so that the product has better tensile properties, and ensure the glass wool product is not easy to break, to reduce the occurrence of dust and slag ball,Improve the safety of construction workers.

At the same time, the better the tensile performance of glass wool, the more uniform the distribution of glass fiber in the installation and use of the product, and there will be no local thickness of glass wool products, which will affect the overall fire insulation performance of the building.