Rock wool provides strong support for green building development
2021-05-27       Source:

Recently, the green environmental protection safety of rock wool insulation material has become a hot topic in the city, many people lack of awareness of rock wool, question its safety, whether environmental protection and energy saving.  


Rock wool is a kind of mineral wool, is a rare special situation in nature, originally originated from volcanic eruption, high temperature lava under the influence of high pressure airflow, forming filamentary fibers.  Later, in the 1930s, in Europe, natural rock ore was melted in cupolas in factories and then blown by high-pressure winds. High-temperature droplets were stretched and condensed into glassy fibers, resulting in primitive rockwool fibers.  Rock wool products, such as strips, ribbons, felt and boards, can be obtained by processing rock wool fibers with certain processes.  Because of its low density, low thermal conductivity, fire, sound absorption and other properties, widely used in construction, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding and other industries.  


Rock wool due to its short fiber diameter, in the construction process is prone to fracture, dust formation, contact with human skin irritation.  So are these fibers safe?  The World Health Organization and the International Cancer Agency have conducted long and in-depth studies.  In 2002, for the carcinogenicity of the man-made mineral fibre by international cancer organizations for research and evaluation, the demonstration of the conclusion is that the working group is only a variety of biological persistence materials remain in the international classification of cancer tissue after "can be carcinogenic to humans" category, including high temperature furnace used in industrial field and heat insulation refractory ceramic fiber products,  And some glass wool products that are not used for insulation but have other special uses.  By contrast, the more commonly used fiberglass wool and rock wool produced since 2000 are not considered "carcinogenic to humans."  So from the material itself, rock wool products is a very good fiber material security.  As for skin irritation caused by rock wool, it is mechanical irritation rather than more serious chemical irritation, which can be avoided by wearing gloves and other labor protection products when producing or using rock wool.  


Rock wool and other artificial mineral fiber materials since its birth, mainly used as industrial production equipment pipeline and storage tank insulation material.  Since the 1970s, Europeans have taken the lead in applying rock wool products to building insulation, in an effort to significantly reduce building energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect.  So rock wool rock wool products is a kind of high efficiency thermal insulation material with good fire performance requirements, will provide strong support for the development of China's building energy conservation and green building.