Uetersen New Material Group anhui Guangde Base medium and high-end glass wool production line into mass production
2021-09-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

   On September 10, Uetersen New Materials Group anhui Guangde Production Base resumed production, mainly positioned to produce medium and high-end glass wool series products.  


September 13, the first batch of 20 tons of Uetersen brand high-end glass wool production line.       2.jpg    

Uetersen medium - and high-end glass wool board, glass wool felt, pipe, etc

On September 14th, General Manager Liu Of Uetersen New Material Group led the marketing team of Guangzhou head office to sign the development strategy responsibility letter with the technical production team of the factory:  Guangde factory to ensure stable production, the monthly supply of glass wool market in East China is not less than 500 tons, the early stage of the market sales work by the guangzhou headquarters sent by the preparation team, later by the East China subsidiary of Uetersen group is responsible for the guarantee, this move to ensure the orderly production of the factory injected a strong shot! 

Group in order to ensure the steady production in plant, specialized production base from guangdong qingyuan drafted more than 10 technical staff stationed for a long time, especially at GuangDe production base of glass cotton with cotton fiber finer, better evenness, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, the advantages of stable chemical performance, product quality and imported brands, the strategic responsibility agreement was signed,  Further clear the main direction of the group's production bases and marketing team, for the company to east China market as a breakthrough into the middle and high-end glass wool insulation material market has laid a foundation.