Application of glass wool in insulation technology of steel structure roof
2021-10-13       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

At present, the superfine glass wool material commonly used in steel structure has advantages compared with other materials in thermal insulation performance, fire resistance, stability, compressive strength, sound insulation performance, harmful substance content and other aspects.  


In the construction project, glass wool as insulation material, combined with "purlin plate + purlin + molded steel lining plate + aluminum-magnesium alloy vertical lock plate + aluminum-magnesium alloy square pipe + fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer" to form a new steel structure roof insulation system.  It mainly USES glass cotton, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection and heat insulation, moistureproof, light weight, high elasticity, compressive strength, easy installation, low cost and can adapt to the characteristics of low temperature to high temperature range to solve the problem such as roof insulation, leakage and spell, to maintain the whole roof heat preservation effect, become a kind of new environmental protection more reliable multifunctional building materials.  


Aluminum magnesium manganese vertical lock plate laid on glass wool felt has effective protection of glass wool felt and mechanical bite, without any screw exposed, put an end to the traditional roof of thousands of screw holes caused by the hidden water leakage, with good waterproof performance, no need to set up a separate waterproof layer.   



Construction order: construction preparation → measuring and positioning → purlin support plate installation → purlin installation → pressing steel lining plate installation → gutter installation → laying non-woven fabric → aluminum alloy bearing installation → laying centrifugal glass wool blanket → aluminum alloy vertical lock plate installation → aluminum alloy square pipe installation → fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer installation.  


Skeleton install  


Purlin support plate, roof purlin, gutter steel structure frame can be selected according to their own needs to adapt to the type of steel plate, steel square pass, aluminum alloy square tube.  


Plank choose  


According to the different uses of the bottom plate, roof gutter, roof board, roof decorative board and other places, thick color steel plate, thick stainless steel, thick aluminum magnesium manganese vertical lock plate, fluorine carbon spraying aluminum veneer plate should be used respectively, the model should be based on their own considerations.  


Roof insulation cotton: 150mm/ thick, bulk weight 16㎏/m3, glass wool felt as an example.  


Other materials :(non-woven fabric, aluminum alloy bearing, model optional) + heat insulation pad + tapping screw.  


Auxiliary equipment: crane, AC welding machine, plate forming machine, electric riveting gun, electric screw gun, electric biting machine, hand electric drill, aluminum cutting machine, electric saw, ordinary cutting machine, manual clip, etc.  


Purlin plate mounting  


Determine the installation position of the support plate, purlin support plate spot welding on the steel beam, and then, after repeated measurement to confirm no error, full welding, remove welding slag, check the quality of the weld paint, fire paint and finish paint.  


Purlin installation  


Post purlins on the supporting plate according to the drawing, mark them, and send them to the roof. Install and proofread them in turn according to the marks. Before welding, ensure that the height difference of the top surface of adjacent purlins is even, and the height difference is within 2mm.  


Laid with profiled steel plate  


It is necessary to use tower crane or crane method to lift, and place each construction part separately, pay attention to not centralized storage.  When laying, the width of the plate covering line is aligned with the starting line, the color steel plate transverse lap is not less than 1 wave distance, the longitudinal lap is not less than 120mm, fastening both ends, the installation sequence is first left (right) to right (left), then from bottom to top.  


Note: fastening the self-tapping screw should be controlled by the degree of fastening, not excessive, otherwise, it will make the sealing ring up, or even press the plate surface to concave.  


Cullis installation  


The gutter is installed on the skeleton of the steel structure using (applicable model steel square and main steel structure welding) to correct the installation position of the steel and according to the construction requirements, welding in turn and so on after the completion of welding cleaning welding slag, installation sequence is from low to high, high to lap at the lower gutter, lap at the gutter using welding around.  


Construction quality and inspection requirements of laying centrifugal glass wool  


1. Technical indicators of centrifugal glass wool felt are shown in Table 1.  


2. The moisture content of the product is not more than 1.0%;  


3. Centrifugal glass wool must have product certificate and inspection report, and can be installed only after passing the retest after entering the site;  


4, centrifugal glass wool cutting edge linear error should be less than 5mm, jointing is not more than 2mm, board height difference is not more than 1.5mm.   


1. Laying centrifugal glass wool felt should be laid from the ridge to the cornice line in turn. Laying cotton felt should be perpendicular to the purlin. When rolling, ensure alignment and tensioning.  


2, in order to ensure that the glass wool felt laying is not affected by the weather aluminum magnesium manganese vertical lock plate and thermal insulation cotton balance construction, to avoid damage to the completed part and have anti-assault strong wind facilities.   


Install aluminum magnesium manganese upright hem plate  


1. Wiring: aluminum alloy bearing installation qualified, set the line position at the plate end, generally with the distance from the edge of the drain plate as the control line, the design length of the plate out of the ditch edge is 100mm, the actual construction is 120mm, in order to facilitate pruning.   


2. In place: the construction personnel lift the plate to the installation position, align the control line at the plate end when in place, and then press the lap edge into the lap edge of the previous plate to check whether the lap edge is closely engaged. The gutter water plate should be installed at the same time as the aluminum magnesium manganese lock plate, and connect it with the lock edge plate using screws.   


3. Edge biting: After the position of the roof board is adjusted, the special electric edge biting machine is used for edge biting. The panel in place on the same day must be finished edge biting, so as not to blow or blow away the plate in strong wind.   


4. Edge trimming: After the roof installation is completed, trim the edges to ensure that the edges are neat and beautiful, and the size of the edge locking plate is 100mm deep into the gutter.  


Install aluminum square tube 


An aluminum alloy fixture is arranged along the upper control line of the purline, 1.2 meters, and the aluminum alloy square tube, aluminum alloy support, the fixture is closely connected to the top of the aluminum alloy support, each fixture is fastened with two bolts, keep the center line to control line, square tube according to the fixture hole distance drilling, the aperture meets the bolt requirements.  


Fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer installation


First, the aluminum alloy corner code position line is released on the aluminum alloy square tube according to the aluminum plate layout drawing, and one corner code is set according to 350mm. The corner code is installed on the upper part of the aluminum square tube, fixed with self-tapping screws, and the aluminum plate is placed on the two square tubes according to the layout drawing.  Use self-tapping screws directly to the side of the single board, and the gap between the single boards is 50mm.  


The technology has been used successfully Yu Dongao south of shawan hotel building, in order to solve leaking roof insulation, etc has made significant effect, the technology for its construction method is simple, low maintenance cost, high construction efficiency, good quality and energy conservation, environmental protection and other advantages, is suitable for large public and civil building energy-saving insulation structure roofing projects,  And the steel structure roof insulation project with limited requirements for dead load and temperature change.