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2021-10-20       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool tubeis made of superfine glass wool insulation material, plus resin adhesive to heat and cure into the tube. The surface can be pasted with aluminum foil, moisture-proof, radiation-proof and beautiful. The centrifugal glass wool shell is specially used for heat preservation and insulation of various pipe systems, and can still maintain its original properties at the ambient temperature of -4℃ to 454℃. Because the tube sleeve of this material has waterproof, anti-corrosion, mildew, insect and other characteristics, so the glass wool tube in preventing condensation, prevent pipe icing and other aspects have a significant role.


1. High adiabatic efficiency: its raw material is high-temperature glass wool, and the glass fiber is uniform and slender, and the fiber is arranged vertically in the direction of heat transfer. Such a tight structure can effectively prevent heat transfer and reduce heat loss.

2. Strong impact resistance and high durability: uniform fine tightly woven glass fiber of structure, the characteristic of the structure can effectively prevent the ordinary insulation in use for a period of time after shaking due to fiber break or stretch, leading to gaps and heat conduction, the phenomenon of loss increases over time.

3. Lightweight material and easy installation: lightweight high temperature glass wool tube in the installation is very convenient, in the construction process according to the need to use ordinary paper cutting machine to cut into their own length.

4. Chemical properties: the PH value of high temperature glass wool is between 7-8. It has no corrosion effect on equipment and pipes, and its chemical properties are very stable.

5. Strong hydrophobicity: Glass wool tube is composed of slender glass fiber. Compared with other types of insulation materials, its best advantage is that it will not be broken by water or rain, and there is a point that the insulation performance of glass wool tube will not change after drying.

Glass wool tube transport (and use) precautions:

When transporting glass wool tubes, be sure to handle them with care, keep them clean on the transport vehicle, and avoid dust, paper and other items that can easily affect the appearance of glass wool tubes, so as to ensure that the overall performance of glass wool tubes will not be changed due to small details during transportation. At the same time, when placing glass wool pipes in vehicles or on the ground, please be sure to place them horizontally. There should be no sharp objects such as bricks and small stones on the ground, and there should be no water on the ground. These factors will affect the use of glass wool pipes. When stacking glass wool pipes, do not pile heavy objects on the top of the glass wool pipes. Otherwise, the glass wool pipes may be deformed easily.

In the summer storage of glass wool pipe, should choose a cool and ventilated warehouse, in order to avoid glass wool pipe long-term exposure to the sun, and prevent glass wool pipe wet, these inadvertent small details will determine the performance of glass wool pipe. The warehouse where glass wool pipes are stored should regularly open the Windows for ventilation to ensure that the warehouse interior is dry. Try to separate the glass wool pipe from the ground using wood or foam board. This will effectively prevent the glass wool pipe from getting wet and affecting its insulation performance.

Notes for purchasing glass wool tube:

First of all, when buying glass wool pipes, strict tests must be carried out, not only to see the appearance, but also to ensure the performance of glass wool pipes.

The second is the anti-corrosion properties of glass wool pipelines, which can be directly buried underground. If the quality is not qualified, glass wool tube will rot, directly affect its insulation performance.