Where can waterproof rock wool board be used?
2021-10-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Rock wool insulation board, very popular in the building exterior wall thermal insulation system, is widely used in industrial areas, and in some special application scenario, the heat preservation rock wool board will also do some product upgrading, make some characteristics of the rock wool board, has formed the different category of rock wool board, such as fire rock wool board, hard rock wool board, waterproof rock wool board, etc.

First, what is waterproof rock wool board?

Waterproof rock wool board, also called hydrophobic rock wool board, is made of ordinary rock wool board in the production process, add hydrophobic agent, so that the rock wool board has moisture-proof, waterproof performance, waterproof rock wool board hydrophobic rate should meet the conditions of less than 2%.

Two, waterproof rock wool board used in what place?

Waterproof rock wool board because of its moisture-proof and water-repellent performance, generally used in a humid environment, or the need for moisture-resistant, more afraid of water in the environment. For example, building wall insulation with rock wool board, because of long-term exposure to the sun and rain in the environment, the waterproof performance of rock wool board has more strict requirements; For example, in the cold storage insulation with rock wool board, generally also need to use waterproof rock wool board.

Three, how much is the price of waterproof rock wool board?

The price of rock wool board is generally calculated according to the bulk density of rock wool, the bulk density is different, the unit price of rock wool board is different, and the price of waterproof rock wool board is in the unit price of ordinary rock wool board plus waterproof and hydrophobic material process cost.

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