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In order to be able to play a better thermal insulation effect in the external wall building, the external wall thermal insulation board both internal and external thermal insulation should be synchronized, and there can be no careless. The selection of rock wool board, first of all, it is necessary to know that rock wool is divided into mineral wool and rock wool, the main component of mineral wool is slag, the main component of rock wool is basalt, the two kinds of cotton is proportional to the performance and price. So how to choose the right rock wool board? Here's What Jutson shares with you.

How to choose the right rock wool board

Exterior wall thermal insulation board has a variety of types and specifications, but the main difference between them lies in its bulk density, bulk density is mainly on the performance of thermal insulation material and mechanical strength of these two aspects of the impact, consumers should choose different materials according to different occasions to achieve thermal insulation effect. And the external wall external insulation should choose the appropriate external wall rock wool insulation board.

Exterior wall lacquer rock wool in the paste insulation, the need to choose the basalt wool density of about 150kg/m3; For rock wool of exterior wall curtain wall, the density of about 100kg/m3 can be selected for joint insulation.

The color of exterior wall rock wool insulation board is generally earth yellow. The quality of the exterior wall insulation board with good quality is relatively uniform, the color difference is not obvious, no overflow phenomenon, and no internal caking on the section.

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