What is the main use of glass cotton felt? What are the advantages?
2021-10-25       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In People's Daily life, the demand for insulation materials is getting higher and higher, so manufacturers produce glass cotton blanket according to the needs of the society. Now let's talk about what is the scope of application of glass cotton felt, so that we are not prone to make other incorrect practices in the future application of glass cotton felt.

Glass cotton blanket is a product made for blending into large-scale paving. It can be used in large and medium-sized venues, such as stadiums and production workshops, to complete sound absorption and noise reduction. Of course, some manufacturers will also make other shapes according to customer needs, such as glass wool board, glass sliver, cylinder, cone and so on, the product can also be used for the sound barrier of the road surface, can reasonably prevent the reflection surface of noise. When the staff in the operation, if there is a special need, but also according to your requirements tailored. Glass wool board can also be called centrifugal glass wool board, fire safety glass, glass wool insulation board and so on.


Because glass wool board has A lot of good characteristics, such as excellent corrosion resistance, anti-aging, environmental protection, sound insulation, heat insulation and flame retardant, so it is A grade flame retardant material. Glass wool board is generally used in the insulation system of the building wall, and can also be called wall glass wool board. Glass wool board is composed of chemical fiber filaments. There are many gaps between the chemical fiber filaments, which can effectively absorb sound and reduce noise, and reduce noise pollution in the house. Low water absorption, not easy to cause mildew or bacteria growth and development factors.

In people's real life, the use of glass cotton felt is more and more extensive. No matter how 

extensive the glass fiber cotton products, in the use of this kind of glass cotton roll felt before, we must also master the main purpose of the product. Have a certain grasp, easy to use when there will be no problems.