Uetersen - What machine is used to cut the glass wool board?
2021-10-26       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

What kind of product is glass wool board introduced by Uitsen?

At present, there are many customer friends on the market, they are very strange to such products as glass wool board, because in their lives, such products as glass wool board are not very common, there are products about glass wool board, we more or less have a preliminary understanding on the network. Glass wool board is actually a kind of flat plate, glass wool is a special material, this material has a unique thermal insulation effect.

Glass wool board as a special sound insulation noise reduction building materials, can provide us with a quiet environment. Glass wool board will become a popular building material in the market.


Why are glass wool panels reliable?

Many people have different considerations when choosing building materials, such as their type and materials.

First of all, the glass wool board has high corrosion resistance. If the glass wool board is particularly weak in corrosion resistance, it is easy to be damaged in use. At the same time, the quality of the glass wool board is very light, and the friction will be greatly reduced.

Secondly, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of glass wool board are very small, indicating that the shape of glass wool board will not change due to the influence of temperature after installation.

Glass wool board is a good building material, in the use of more advantages, is a rest assured building material.


Sound-absorbing glass wool board

Sound-absorbingglass wool board belongs to porous board, easy to absorb glue, plug holes, construction can brush glue (brush glue only on the wall, brush glue slightly heavier than normal), but also can be reinforced with stripe nails.

1. Pay attention to the selection and layout before construction to avoid small color difference. Sound absorption glass wool board, glass as raw material, hot pressed, due to the production of different batches, it is difficult to require fiber coloring, under the action of sunlight, easy to produce small color difference; Therefore, when purchasing goods, try to use the same batch number of glass fiber production.

Before the construction of sound absorption board, arrange the sound absorption cotton board first, adjust the color difference, and then install the construction in accordance with the adjustment order.

2 cutting plate surface should use rigid ruler.

During construction, the surface of the sound-absorbing cotton board must be cut. It is recommended to use steel ruler or alloy square steel as the ruler, do not use wood or soft material as the ruler, in order to avoid cutting line caused by excessive splicing clearance or deformation. In order to reduce the splicing clearance, the blade can be tilted inward by 0.5-1 mm. During the cutting process, the interface surface can form an inner bevel, which is easy to butt the board surface and reduce the seam.