Where can you use a glass blanket in a building? What are the benefits?
2021-10-27       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

We can use glass wool blanket as insulation material in the outer wall, inner wall, side wall of basement and crawl space, under floor of living room, flat ceiling, pitched ceiling and attic of metal structure and wood structure of low-rise buildings.  Because it has the following major benefits:



 (1) Save energy expenses

 In the case of an envelope, using glass wool creates a thermal barrier for your house.  It can be insulated in summer and insulated in winter, greatly reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning or heating, thereby saving money.



 (2) Increase the comfort of the bedroom


 Well used glass wool houses, in winter, the room temperature can be easily kept within the comfortable temperature range of human body;  Houses that do not use or do not install glass wool well are difficult to achieve the desired effect.




 (3) Protect natural resources


 The insulation performance of the envelope is strengthened, and the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning is reduced, which also means that the pollution brought to the atmosphere is reduced.  More importantly, less fuel is consumed, which means helping to preserve the world's dwindling energy resources.




 (4) glass wool does not absorb moisture


 One of the characteristics of glass is not water absorption, glass wool is the essence of glass, it also has the characteristics of water absorption.  Therefore, it can be used as an insulation material to maintain its thermal resistance for a long time without being affected by moisture adsorption.



 (5) glass wool is non-combustible material


 Glass itself is not burning, although glass wool contains binder, but its content is very small, so glass wool is non-combustible material, it will not burn.  This performance provides a prerequisite for its safe application in buildings.