What are the advantages of special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust?
2021-11-01       Source:

With the continuous improvement of building energy saving requirements and frequent fire in recent years, all industries have higher requirements for smoke control and exhaust duct in buildings. It is not only required that the smoke control and exhaust duct has thermal insulation function, but also needs to have the ability of fire prevention. Fire insulation glass wool is widely used in smoke prevention and exhaust duct, for fire insulation function has played a great role.

Fire insulation glass wool has safety performance, belongs to non-combustible material, generally need to be tested by the national testing department fire performance for non-combustible A1 class.

High quality fireproof thermal insulation glass wool has good thermal insulation effect, as well as uniform slender fiber, and certain sound absorption and noise reduction performance, hydrophobic performance, can isolate water vapor, to ensure the stable thermal insulation performance of glass wool. The raw materials of glass wool, together with the formula and production process, have excellent durability, while non-corrosive, and will not produce metal corrosion and stress corrosion on the duct.

Domestic several thermal insulation glass wool production manufacturers have passed the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center "detection, and satisfy the ventilation pipe refractory test experiment method (GB/T17428-2009 test, fireproof limit of 1.0 H, 1.5 hours, as long as strictly according to the report of test pieces of the structure and operation process can be smoothly through the acceptance.


Utson smoke control and exhaust pipe advantages:

  • Excellent fire protection, class A non-combustible

Utson smoke prevention and exhaust duct has good fire performance, fire non-combustible class A.

  • Excellent sound insulation performance, heat insulation and energy saving

Utson smoke prevention and exhaust duct material uniform fine, structural characteristics determine its superior sound insulation performance. At the same time, the energy loss of internal insulation is very low, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption.

  • Super waterproof and moisture isolation performance

Smoke prevention and exhaust duct performance is stable, not affected by condensation and humid air, no deformation.

  • Excellent safety performance

Smoke prevention and exhaust duct through a number of environmental certification, non-toxic harmless substances, safe and healthy.

  • Easy to install and repair

Smoke prevention and exhaust duct installation is quick and convenient, support various specifications customization.

The company's main products:

  • Formaldehyde-free glass wool

  • Centrifugal glass wool

  • Rubber and plastic insulation material

  • Dedicated to HVAC

  • Glass wool for high temperature

  • Glass wool for acoustics

  • Glass wool for steel structure