Uetersen - Instructions for use of rubber and plastic insulation materials
2021-11-02       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The use of rubber and plastic insulation materials, installation of rubber and plastic insulation materials technical specifications


 Pay attention to the following points when installing rubber and plastic insulation materials:


 1. All gaps and joints need special adhesive and sealing.


 2. All tees, elbows, valves, flanges and other accessories shall be of design thickness after installation.


 3. Do not use too much glue when bonding. All interfaces between materials should be glued under slight pressure.


 4. When installing, the first should be the large pipe, then the small pipe, elbow, tee, then the straight pipe, and finally the valve and flange.


 5. When installing cold water pipes and refrigeration equipment, glue the gaps between the two ends of the rubber and plastic pipes and the iron pipes together. The width of the glue should not be equal to the thickness of the rubber and plastic materials.


 6. Crevices in pipes shall be installed as inconspicuously as possible and the crevices in two pipes shall intersect each other.


 7. Do not install the machine during use, and do not open the device within 36 hours after installation.


 8. Due to packaging, the rubber and plastic pipe with large diameter has become oval, please cut the flat side when cutting.




 Two, determine the thickness of insulation material to consider the factors:


 1. The higher the ambient temperature, the thicker the material;


 2. The greater the relative humidity, the thicker the material;


 3. The lower the temperature of the medium, the thicker the material;


 4. The larger the pipe diameter, the thicker the material.


 The above mainly introduces the rubber and plastic insulation material technical specifications and use instructions, do not understand or have the demand of friends can contact us Uetersen, we have professional colleagues to answer for you!