What are the advantages of centrifugal glass wool casing? How to use more convenient
2021-11-03       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool tube is a lightweight and durable tubular thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation performance, which is composed of uniform slender, elastic glass fiber and special high temperature adhesive.

Because of the particularity of glass fiber, the product has good thermal insulation, extrusion resistance and impact resistance. The surface of the product can be pasted with a variety of moisture - proof veneers to meet the requirements of heat insulation and moisture - proof in various environments.

Centrifugal glass wool shell is specially used for all kinds of pipe (including: refrigeration, hot water, steam) system insulation, air conditioning duct, pipe insulation, train car, sound insulation/sound-absorbing system, solar energy, etc. It can work normally at the ambient temperature of -4℃-538℃, both exposed and concealed.

As the pipe of this material has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-mildew and non-insect, so it can effectively prevent condensation and prevent freezing of pipes. It is widely used in civil buildings, heating pipes, air conditioning and heat preservation of refrigeration equipment. Heat insulation, energy saving effect can be increased by 15-30%


Main technical indicators:

Density: 48kg/m? 64kg/m?

Fire performance: A1

Corrosion resistance: no corrosion

Slag ball content: ≤0.0%


Shell thickness: 20-100mm (customizable)

Shell length: 1000mm (customizable)

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