Can rubber and plastic materials be used for air duct insulation? Where can I buy one?
2021-11-04       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Introduce a,

Air duct rubber and plastic insulation materials are simple in construction, beautiful in appearance, simple in process, effective in reducing construction costs, good insulation effect, and favored by the construction industry.

Two, construction characteristics

1. Advanced technology

The flanging of four edges and corners adopts 45° cutting butt to ensure that the vertical plane and horizontal plane are at right angles and the side elevation has no gap. For b-shaped bend, right Angle bend and other irregular parts, the four sides of the paste separately, side elevation pressure on the bottom. The overall effect of air duct thermal insulation is significantly improved, and the thermal insulation effect is further strengthened.

2, excellent quality

The construction process of this method is simple, saving materials, and the overall effect is good. Compared with the conventional air duct insulation construction process, the insulation quality is significantly improved.

3. Significant economic benefits

Compared with the conventional galvanized steel pipe insulation construction, this method can save the loss of rubber and plastic plates. Standard section construction, reduce the construction cost, significantly enhance the thermal insulation effect, reduce the operating cost of air conditioning units, save energy.


Three, scope of application

UETERSEN rubber and plastic insulation material is suitable for commercial, industrial, air conditioning water pipe system, air duct system and refrigeration, refrigeration machinery and equipment in the field of thermal insulation, but also used in hot water pipes and process pipe insulation.

Four, uetersen five performance advantages:

1, low thermal conductivity: uetersen rubber plastic thermal conductivity in the average temperature of 0℃, can be as low as 0.034W/M.K, in the same external conditions, the use of relatively thin thickness of the product, can achieve the same thermal insulation effect of traditional insulation materials.

2, flame retardant performance is good: Utson image plastic contains a large number of flame retardant smoke reduction raw materials, the smoke concentration produced when burning is very low, and in case of fire does not melt, will not drop the fire ball, the material combustion performance is far better than the C class international standards, to ensure safety and reliability.

3, good flexibility: uetersen rubber and plastic materials have good flexibility and toughness, easy to deal with bending and irregular pipeline construction, and can save labor and materials; Superior to high elasticity, thus minimizing vibration and resonance in the use of chilled water and hot water pipes.

4, high moisture resistance factor: high moisture resistance factor: uetersen rubber and plastic materials have high moisture resistance factor (μ≥10000), so as to ensure that the material has excellent water vapor permeability resistance, stable thermal conductivity in the process of use, prolong the service life of the material, reduce the operating cost of the system.

5, environmental health: uetersen rubber do not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and other harmful substances, do not contain formaldehyde, do not contain heavy metal and silicon, no fiber dust, ammonia and sulphur content of particulate matter, volatile gas and organic matter to release a quantity, greatly satisfy the semiconductor clean room, clean room, and other areas of the application of ultra high requirements, but also with the eu ROHS, REACH certification.