Uetersen small make up to tell you, accidentally hit glass cotton stick after itching how to deal with?
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Recently, a friend asked me, what should I do if I was pricked by glass wool? Itchy. Today xiaobian will tell you a few small methods, very effective.

Why some of us will feel itchy after contact with rock wool and glass wool, it is because the diameter of rock wool and glass wool mineral wool fiber is very fine, much finer than our hair, and the fiber diameter is more than 5μm after a certain hardness, so people feel prick.

The first contact with rock wool or glass wool friends, basically have the same feeling, is very itchy. Still don't feel itchy, a little move will prick, you want to pull off, but you can't see, see also can't catch ah, that feeling is really not good.

Why "first" friends? Because often contact glass wool, rock wool people, generally know how to protect, first wear tight-mouthed clothes, prevent rock wool, glass wool fiber into the cuffs and legs and wrists, wear masks, hats, goggles, gloves, and then around the neck. That's basically safe. Better to wear one of those jumpsuits, you'll be better protected.

Another reason is used to it, after the person gets used to it, the itching feeling can decrease step by step, the skin can tolerate slowly, namely so-called "sclerosis phenomenon".


Take your time. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the itch.

Generally by rock wool, glass wool fiber, basically on the hand, wrist, ankle, arm, these places due to frequent use and lead to lax protection.

Rock wool, glass wool fiber stuck to these parts, do not go to scratch, if you directly grasp the fiber and your skin contact area will be larger, the more scratching itchiness. First rinse with water, can wash away some is some, and then wipe soap, rub out a lot of foam, wash several times, and then rinse with a lot of water. If not, rinse with salt water, which also works.

If you have tape around you, tear it off and place it on the skin covered with rock wool or glass wool, then remove the tape. You can buy a stick of gum. You can also make dough at home and glue it with dough. As long as there is something sticky on the line, with these things will be able to stick out most of the rock wool, glass wool fibers.

If it is stuck to the body, it is best to change clothes, and then take a bath, use alkaline soap, and wash it many times.

If the skin has been scratched, you should decide whether to seek medical attention based on the extent of the damage. But rest assured, rock wool, glass wool and no toxicity, generally wipe some drugs will soo

And now the rock wool production technology is more and more advanced, the production of rock wool slag ball content is less and less, it is more and more not tied, and now there are more and more rock wool composite board, fiber is not easy to come out, let alone tied.