What is the effect of heat insulation and fire prevention in exhaust pipe?
2021-11-12       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In recent years, fire hazard has seriously affected our life and property safety and personal safety, so how should we prevent fire and avoid the harm brought to us by fire? Today xiaobian brings you smoke exhaust pipe heat insulation fire prevention measures. Learn more about home fire prevention and implement proper home fire prevention measures when a fire occurs.

Smoke exhaust pipe heat insulationand fire prevention measures are as follows:

1, the air contains flammable, explosive material room, the air supply and exhaust system should adopt the corresponding explosion-proof ventilation equipment; When the blower is located in a separate fan room and check valve is provided on the main air supply pipe, ordinary ventilation equipment can be used, and the air should not be recycled.

2, ventilation, air conditioning system, transverse should be set according to each fire zone, vertical should not exceed five layers, when the exhaust pipe is equipped with backflow prevention facilities and each layer is equipped with automatic sprinkler system, the air inlet and exhaust pipe is not subject to this limitation, vertical air pipe should be located in the pipe well.


3, one of the following ventilation, air conditioning system of the wind pipe should be equipped with fire valve

(1) the pipe passes through the partition wall of the fire partition;

(2) through the ventilation, air conditioning room and important or fire risk room partition wall and floor;

(3) on the horizontal pipe section at the junction of the vertical air duct and the horizontal air duct of each layer;

(4) Through both sides of the deformation joint.

4, the action temperature of the fire valve should be 70℃.

5, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other vertical exhaust pipe, should take measures to prevent backflow or set fire valve on the branch pipe.

6. The pipes of ventilation and air conditioning system should be made of non-burning materials, but the ducts and flexible joints that contact corrosive media can be made of difficult burning materials.

The above is the fire hazard safety knowledge brought by Uetersen for you, about more smoke prevention and exhaust knowledge is still to be updated, hurry to pay attention to us!