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2021-11-15       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The device specifications of exhaust pipe and exhaust pipe are different

1、The distance between the outer appearance of the smoke exhaust duct and wood and other combustible components should not be less than 15㎝, or the thickness of the outer appearance of the smoke exhaust duct is not less than 10㎝ insulation data.

2、 when the exhaust air duct passes through the smoke retaining wall, the space between the air duct and the smoke retaining wall should be tightly packed with non-combustible materials such as cement mortar.

3、The connection between the smoke exhaust duct and the smoke exhaust fan can be made of flange or soft connection without incineration.

4、 the need for heat insulation of the metal flue, it is necessary to choose non-combustible insulation materials, such as mineral wool, glass wool, rock wool, aluminum silicate and other information.

5、the data of flue gas discharge should be made of materials with good fire resistance; The location of the discharge outlet should be determined according to the conditions of the building. It is necessary to avoid areas with burning risk.

The intention of smoke exhaust is to exhaust the indoor smoke and dust to the outdoor through the exhaust machine, and ventilation is to make the indoor and outdoor air forced circulation through the machine. First of all, their ventilation direction and location are different.


Secondly, the air quality of their circulation is different, so we can not use the same pipe, otherwise when we ventilate, we carelessly pass the smoke and dust into the room, isn't it counterproductive?

Finally, the device specifications of the smoke exhaust pipe and the air exhaust pipe are different. The smoke exhaust fire valve should be installed in the smoke exhaust pipe system, while the general exhaust pipe does not need to be installed.