Where can uetersen glass cotton blanket be used?
2021-11-16       Source:

Glass cotton roll felt is baidu search popular product terms.  It can be seen that in many glass wool products, glass wool felt demand and use more, which also shows that the amount of glass wool felt is larger, so it is necessary to talk about glass wool felt in detail.  Where can I use glass wool blanket?  Compared with other thermal insulation materials, we should understand from these aspects of glass wool felt so popular reasons, but also for engineers and industry to buy products to provide some reference.




 Uetersen glass wool felt is the use of unique centrifugal technology, melt glass fibrosis and thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder processed products, is a glass fiber produced by the diameter of only a few microns of elastic felt.  Glass wool felt and according to the use of requirements to choose different moisture-proof veneer online composite.  Therefore, the effect of glass cotton felt is mainly reflected in sound absorption and heat preservation.



 Due to the increase and expansion of internal pores and gaps, more noise enters and is converted into heat energy through internal fiber friction and vibration. Its sound absorption effect is better than that of glass wool board.  In addition, the glass cotton blanket is easy to cut and large area laid, so that the glass cotton blanket in the construction, muffling system, vehicles, refrigeration equipment, household appliances shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction and other aspects get more widely used, the effect is ideal.




 Advantages: Class A non-flammable and non-toxic;  The corrosion resistance;  Low thermal conductivity;  Stable chemical properties;  Low water content;  Good hydrophobic and hydrophobicity;  Harmless to human body and environmental pollution.




 Compared with other building insulation materials, glass wool felt insulation and sound absorption performance is more obvious.  Now the commonly used building insulation materials are glass wool felt, rock wool, rubber, polyurethane and so on.  Glass wool felt has better insulation and sound absorption performance, easy to install and use, can be cut into any shape.  Its chemical and physical properties are relatively stable, long service life, with A class non-combustible fire performance, practical.  The above is about the glass cotton roll felt industry technical knowledge, I hope to help you!