Does the exhaust duct need insulation material?
2021-11-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

After we install the range hood, we need to install the smoke exhaust pipe in place. After installation, do you want to do heat preservation treatment?  What are the materials of smoke exhaust pipes?


 1. Do smoke exhaust pipes need heat preservation


 1, exhaust pipe can do the heat treatment, because, in accordance with the relevant requirements, especially some of the exhaust pipe, may the surrounding temperature is higher, if accord with the requirement of not setting, just need to do some protective measures, to combine pipe set spacing, if can't meet the requirements of 20 ㎝, you need to do the insulation protection.


 2. Some smoke exhaust pipes do not need to do thermal insulation treatment. If other conditions can meet the requirements and the indoor smoke can be discharged to the outdoors, there is no need to do thermal insulation treatment, and ordinary exhaust pipes do not need to be installed.



 Two, smoke exhaust insulation materials


 Special glass wool for Utson smoke control and exhaust system:


Using Uetersen environmental protection adhesive and unique centrifugal production technology, soft and slender fiber, fluffy and staggered structure, with good thermal insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and high hydrophobic product performance, widely used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, energy transportation and other fields.


With scientific formula management and control, Utson glass wool has strong tensile and good resilience and other characteristics, excellent overall performance, greatly reduce the energy loss in production, packaging, transportation, installation and use of each link.


Uetersen centrifugal glass wool also has A1 class non-flammable fire performance, with a complete product system and rich application experience, making utsen centrifugal glass wool in the benchmarking position of thermal insulation market.



 Three, the selection criteria of ventilation pipe


 The ventilation duct is composed of a machine, exhaust vents, and other parts to form a larger system.  If the purchase is a blank room, it must be installed in advance, to effectively exhaust the indoor smoke, to create a comfortable and clean living environment for people.