Which ducts in ventilation engineering need to add insulation materials
2021-11-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Which ducts in ventilation engineering need to add insulation materials?  So does the ventilation duct also need heat preservation?  In ventilation engineering, it is true that there is insulation.  The insulation of ventilation engineering is roughly the following two situations, we can refer to.


 1, prevent system equipment, accessories in the temperature and humidity environment condensation and corrosion of the system itself, but also damage the surrounding environment.


 2, to prevent the high temperature heat production of system equipment to affect the thermal balance environment of the perimeter or prevent personnel, other equipment and articles from thermal burns.




 Special glass wool for Utson smoke control and exhaust system:


 Using Utsen environmental protection adhesive and unique centrifugal production technology, soft and slender fiber, fluffy and staggered structure, with good thermal insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and high hydrophobic product performance, widely used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, energy transportation and other fields.


 Utsen centrifugal glass wool also has A1 class non-flammable fire performance, with a complete product system and rich application experience, making utsen centrifugal glass wool in the benchmarking position of thermal insulation market.



 Product features:


 1. Excellent fire performance excellent safety performance, utson smoke prevention and exhaust system special fire insulation glass wool, high performance non-combustible material, by the national testing department detection fire performance for non-combustible A1 class.


 2. Excellent thermal insulation performance Utson glass wool thermal conductivity is less than 0.034W/m.  It has good thermal insulation effect.


 3. Excellent sound absorption performance uniform slender fiber, with excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.


 4. High hydrophobicity hydrophobicity rate ≥98%, with high hydrophobicity, isolated water vapor, to ensure the stable thermal insulation performance of glass wool.


 5. Anti-aging and durability Of Utson glass wool raw materials, together with the exclusive formula and production process, useful excellent durability, while non-corrosive, will not produce metal corrosion and stress corrosion on the duct.


 6. Good environmental performance Utsen glass wool, asbestos free, in line with EUGEB requirements, free of REACH and ROHS environmental harmful substances, non-toxic and harmless, free of harmful substances environmental protection products, will not cause pollution to the use of the environment.


 7. Mildew and antibacterial effectively inhibit the breeding of microorganisms, healthy and environmental protection.