Why is glass wool insulating - Uetersen
2021-11-22       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In recent years, insulation materials are more prevalent, people need to wear cold, cold buildings will also take corresponding measures. General buildings will be on the outer wall covered with insulation materials, insulation materials you are more familiar with what? In fact, there are many insulation materials, different insulation materials have been applied to different fields, do you know glass wool? Why glass wool has become a more widely used thermal insulation material in recent years? Why does it keep warm? Follow the editor to find out.

Glass wool is made of glass fiber and resin bonded. It is often used to reduce noise and heat preservation and heat insulation. It is an excellent thermal insulation material. Glass cotton fiber raw materials on the length and thickness is uniform, tightly woven in the process of machining, the weaving structure and show ninety degrees heat conduction mode, can effectively protect the quantity of heat, and it is in the process of installation and use, operation is simple, you just need to commonly used tool cutting, at the same time, in use process will not disconnect or spin. There are a lot of tiny air gaps in glass wool, so the physical properties are relatively stable, it is often used for all kinds of heating, ventilation, tank, air conditioning.


Glass cotton can also be customized, we can according to your request online composite particular specifications of the glass wool, made from glass wool thermal insulation material has been a long time, and we found that in a long trial comparing its heat preservation function is quite stable, will not happen in the process of using safety accidents, so the glass quilt widely used, Its thermal insulation performance is obvious.

Glass wool in addition to heat preservation, but also has many other functions, glass wool has a good sound-absorbing effect, so glass wool used as decorative materials is also very good. Especially now the high-grade residential areas are used in this kind of glass wool, even some karaoke will choose it, not only low price and the effect is particularly good, so glass wool will always be used by people down. Nowadays, the pace of people's life is fast. If you want to have a quiet environment in the city, you must use glass wool! Exterior wall insulation is also the majority of glass wool, so good decoration materials will be so popular.


The internal structure of glass wool board is fluffy, the overall density is large, and it can send out the absorbed sound in time, and the characteristics of porous is also to strengthen the characteristics of noise reduction, which can be used in the need of quiet places to achieve the needs of people for quiet, to maximize the performance of his sound-absorbing ability; In addition, the surface of the glass cotton coarse, when the acoustic beam to the surface of a glass cotton, sound waves could be transmitted through the glass cotton internal porosity, cause the vibration of the molecules in the air, finally to offset, and is related to the thickness of the glass wool, the thicker the glass wool sound-absorbing effect is stronger, the thinner is sound-absorbing weaker, can't completely have the effect of noise reduction.