The performance of Uetersen centrifugal glass wool determines its value
2021-11-23       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

With the development of the market and the construction industry, there are a variety of specifications and models of glass wool in our market. The performance of glass wool has been improved. Utsen glass cotton slipper is made of glass wool board with high strength, and is currently recognized as a material with superior performance of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound absorption.  It has the characteristics of heat preservation, fire prevention, sound absorption, high hatred of water, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and so on. The performance of glass wool determines its value.


 Glass wool is a kind of glass wool roll felt products made by adding adhesive after melting glass for fibrosis, and the diameter of glass wool fiber depends on the production of centrifugal extrusion technology.  The adsorption characteristics of glass wool are not only related to thickness and capacity, but also to cover materials, structural structure and other factors. In the application of construction, it is still necessary to take into account the cost, beauty, fire prevention, moisture, dust, aging resistance and other problems.  Utson centrifugal glass sliver is suitable for most of the heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction building needs, especially suitable for dark and humid space environment, or densely populated, need environmental protection building materials.




 Glass wool continues to innovate, new materials have many characteristics that traditional materials do not have, for example, can be cut at will, antibacterial mildew, aging resistance, corrosion resistance to ensure a healthy environment;  And the physical property is stable, formaldehyde-free environmental protection glass wool in the original technology of glass wool production of adhesive technology innovation, the removal of formaldehyde and other harmful substances to human body, so that the formaldehyde release of the whole glass wool is 0.  This technological innovation also plays a role in promoting the overall glass wool, so that the new products have a better development direction in the field of heat preservation and noise reduction.


 After knowing such high quality glass wool, we still have reason to reject the anti-corrosion effect and insulation building performance of this product, choose this high quality glass wool, will bring us the performance and value of the above experience, welcome to buy!