Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool has advantages in the construction industry
2021-11-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Some say that from the moment life was born, earth's resources began to power life.  It is said that it was not until the emergence of human industry that large-scale exploitation of the earth's resources began, and the current high-rise buildings and heavy traffic began to flourish.  Resources are relatively scarce and there will be nothing left when they are used up, which is why the more social and economic development, it is very important to save energy.


 Our industries, our transportation, our buildings, these are the parts that consume a lot of energy in our society.  Among them, building energy consumption accounts for 39%, more than 1/3 of the total resources.  In this grim context, high standards of building energy efficiency mean "zero consumption", and from the current point of view, such "zero consumption construction" is very important.  That's why, since 17 years ago, our construction industry has been trying to install energy-efficient products and systems in commercial buildings so that we can achieve our goal of zero energy buildings.  From building materials, water, air and other aspects, also began to put forward higher requirements for zero loss of resources, in order to truly realize the "zero loss" of resources.


 According to the requirements of users, the company can produce formaldehyde-free environmental glass wool series products.  It is especially aimed at the places with dense personnel and large amount of glass wool heat insulation, eliminating the harm of formaldehyde and other harmful substances to human body.  All product lines can be manufactured according to the design requirements of different bulk density and thickness, and different moisture-proof cladding materials.




 Glass wool board series is tight and strong material, smooth surface, strong compressive characteristics, after installation, the appearance is more crisp and beautiful.


 "Zero energy building" does not mean that the building does not need to consume energy, but through the building's own energy-saving performance (building energy efficiency), and the use of its own renewable energy (such as solar energy) to achieve zero energy consumption of the building and energy production (such as air conditioning).  In other words, a "zero energy building" must meet the "zero energy" formula of "(energy consumption) - (insulation + energy saving + energy creation) ≤0".


 In order to develop a higher energy saving building standard, namely zero energy building, China's building technical standards have clearly defined the concept and indicators of zero energy building for the first time.  Among them, "zero energy building" is defined as: the indoor environmental parameters are the same as those of buildings with close to zero energy consumption, make full use of the building itself and the surrounding renewable energy resources, so that the annual production capacity of renewable energy is greater than or equal to the total annual energy consumption of the building.


 Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool


 1. Formaldehyde-free -- no formaldehyde release after the installation and use of glass wool, so it is harmless to the body and will not cause pollution to the environment;


 2. No ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances -- tasteless, non-toxic, protect human health, completely improve the working and living environment;


 3. Strong hydrophobicity -- it can resist the invasion of water vapor in the air during the long-term use of the product;


 4. Low corrosion - weak acid acrylic resin, reduce the corrosion of metal parts;


 5. Durability -- not rotten, moldy, durable;


 6. Fire resistance -- Class A non-combustible material.


 A common way to improve energy efficiency in zero-energy buildings is to strengthen the exterior of the building itself, combined with new insulation and the installation of energy-efficient features.  Formaldehyde-free glass wool is used for heat preservation and insulation of environmental protection and energy saving products, it is also a kind of green building materials.  The product test report has been completed, it was rated as three-star green building materials products, to ensure the energy-saving and environmental protection performance of thermal insulation materials, greatly improve the product value, is widely used in new construction, reconstruction, expansion projects, but also meet the national energy-saving and emission reduction standards.