Home installed sound insulation glass cotton, no longer be noisy
2021-11-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

A lot of people home decoration has not considered the seriousness of the noise generated by neighbors in advance, until the decoration is good, we can only go to the neighbors every day to complain, in fact, in order to isolate the noise we should install glass wool in the ceiling and wall.




 What is glass wool


 Utson glass wool belongs to a category of glass fibers and is an artificial inorganic fiber.  The use of quartz sand, limestone, dolomite and other natural ore as the main raw materials, the use of unique centrifugal technology, will melt glass fibrosis, by adding thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder curing processed from the plate products.  The slender glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, which can well confine air, thus playing the role of heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and safety protection.  Glass wool board series is tight and strong material, smooth surface, strong compressive characteristics, after installation, the appearance is more crisp and beautiful.





 Glass wool internal fibers are fluffy and interlaced, there are a lot of tiny pores, is a typical porous sound absorption material, has good sound absorption characteristics.  Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wall panels, ceiling, space sound absorption body, etc., can absorb a large amount of sound energy in the room, reduce reverberation time, reduce indoor noise.


 Two, how to install


 Keel on floor and corresponding roof.  Note that the frame should be perpendicular to the floor.  Set up a vertical metal frame between the metal frames that have been placed, place glass wool between the frames, paste the gypsum board on one side of the frame, then attach it to the frame and attach the gypsum board on the other side.






 Three, why choose Utson glass wool




 Glass fiber slender, low thermal conductivity;  Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent sound transmission;  Grade A non-combustible material, high fire resistance;  Strong hydrophobicity, excellent mildew resistance;  Stable chemical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance;  Light material, simple construction;  Low cost price, cost-effective.




 1. Roof insulation, cooling and sound-absorbing materials;


 2, building insulation, cold;


 3, entertainment venues, theaters, TELEVISION stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound-absorbing processing;


 4, air conditioning pipe refrigeration and refrigerated warehouse insulation.