What are the advantages of the new construction method of fire-proof wrapping material for smoke and exhaust air duct?
2021-11-25       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The advantages are as follows:

 1) Improve efficiency: at present, the actual installation process of the construction technology of the national standard fire-proof air duct is relatively complex. The new fire-proof board wrapping method combined with the c-shaped steel fixed frame of the finished product is relatively simple, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

 2) Cost reduction: This method is used to cut and prefabricate the finished C-shaped steel in the warehouse operation room, lay the air duct after the fire prevention board is finished on site, and finally fix the stuck c-shaped steel reinforcement frame, which is extremely simple and can achieve the effect of reducing labor and saving energy.

 3) To ensure the net height: using this process, saves the space of the keel, shares the space of the fixed frame with the space of the original air duct support, and will not affect the overall net height.

 4) Improve the beauty: the fire protection board is in good shape with the air duct. It has a beautiful shape at the elbow and the special-shaped parts, which is more beautiful than the traditional way.

 5) Improve construction quality:  Traditional process using a large number of self-tapping screw fixed interval (100 mm), in the mechanical and electrical pipeline intensive construction, breakdown duct and fixed keel self tapping screw, even daub fire sealant, still can increase the air leakage probability of duct, and the average interval of 1 m new construction method using eight M8 bolted, simple construction, small space requirement, without penetrating duct,  Completely avoid air leakage problems.


 Practice has proved that this method can save ceiling space as much as possible on the premise of meeting the fire protection requirements, meet the owners' requirements for net height, and has good popularization and development prospects.


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