Application and advantage of high temperature glass wool in electric power industry -- Uetersen
2021-11-29       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Due to the high temperature glass wool has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, high temperature glass cotton in 1997 started is applied to the thermal power plant in the power industry, mainly in the power plant boiler, flue, electrostatic precipitators, hot air furnace wall pipe, steam pipe and all kinds of the place such as heat pipe, high temperature glass wool insulation effect is very good, overall is very stable, so is widely used now.

Due to the special situation of the thermal power plant, the materials used in some parts of the power plant must have the function of high temperature resistance and heat preservation. High temperature glass wool has the function of reducing heat loss, saving energy, improving economic benefits, etc., so it is widely used in various power plants, and has got better results.

Application effect of high temperature glass wool in boiler. A thermal power plant has a 200MW unit boiler, the temperature of the primary air duct cut reaches 350℃, and the temperature of the hot air duct exit of the air preheater also reaches 390℃. The high-temperature glass wool products are compared with aluminum silicate wool products. When the thickness of the insulation layer is the same, however, the outer surface temperature of the high-temperature glass wool products is 2℃-6℃ lower than that of aluminum silicate wool products. It has been used for a long time under the condition of 350-390℃ without any problems. Another example is the boiler wall of a 350MW generator set in a power plant. Its primary and secondary air ducts and flue ducts are insulated with high-temperature glass wool products. After the equipment is put into operation, the surface temperature of each part of the test, from the data that the insulation effect meets the requirements, the difference between the surface temperature and the ambient temperature does not exceed 25℃.

At present, China's total installed capacity ranks second in the world, reaching 350 million kw. To cope with power shortage situation in recent years, especially increased investment on construction of coal-fired power plant, so the power industry will increase the number of high temperature resistant and heat preservation material, colleagues will also improve the quality of the quality and requirement, especially for fiber heat preservation material demand for the biggest, followed by hard material, the last is a lightweight insulation materials and coatings. High temperature glass wool is also used for the overhaul and maintenance of some facilities and equipment in the power industry, so experts speculate that China's power market with high temperature glass wool has broad prospects in the next few years.


Application prospect and matters needing attention of high-temperature glass wool:

A. The thermal insulation performance of high temperature glass wool is better than that of aluminum silicate products.

B. The use density of high temperature glass wool and its products should not be too low, generally more than 45kg/m?. In the furnace wall, hot air channel, flue and other parts of the insulation construction should be appropriate compression, generally 5% ~ 10%.

C. About the service life of high temperature glass wool. After long-term operation (about 3 years), the insulation material of heating surface should be checked regularly for the equipment with heating temperature of 400℃ and above.

D. Ordinary glass wool and its products should not be used at high temperature above 300℃ in order to avoid adverse consequences.