Uetersen: How much do you know about rock wool's past lives
2021-11-29       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

What do you think of Hawaii?

Speaking of Hawaii, I can't help but think of the beautiful beaches and beautiful coastline. The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic eruptions. They consist of eight large islands and 124 islets stretching for 2,450 kilometers, forming a crescent chain. The climate is mild and pleasant all year round, and people come to visit in an endless stream.

Hawaii was made up of volcanic eruptions that first brought with them something that had never been seen before, as well as fear - wisps of melted, soft rock, now commonly used in construction: rock wool.


Two, rock wool: little-known life

When it comes to soft fibers, we first think of cotton, xinjiang's long-staple cotton, and animal fur.

For those outside the building materials industry, the cotton-soft fabric is made of melted rock. When the volcano erupts for the first time who would have thought that the disaster also brought the gift of nature to the people.

The process of producing rock wool, an essential building material for the construction industry, has been simulated by natural volcanic eruptions.


In modern industry, the production process of rock wool, in fact, is to simulate the natural process of Hawaii volcano eruption, rock wool products are made of high quality basalt, dolomite and other main raw materials, after high temperature melting above 1450℃ using the international advanced four-axis centrifuge high-speed centrifuge into fiber, At the same time sprayed into a certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, hydrophobic agent after the cotton collection machine collection, through the pendulum process, plus three-dimensional cotton shop after solidification, cutting, the formation of different specifications and uses of rock wool products.

The seemingly soft fiber is actually the essence of a tough guy, able to bend and stretch. We create a variety of forms according to our practical methods. It looks plain.

Three, where will rock wool be used?

Work and hard work, often need to relax and rest. And the use of rock wool often appears in the entertainment we often go to, such as KTV, bars, theatres, stadiums and so on.

The core board is a metal sandwich board made of rock wool and color steel plate, which is composed of rock wool and color steel plate by automatic equipment. Widely used in all kinds of factory buildings, airports, stadiums, exhibition halls and other public buildings.


Rock wool sandwich board

Rock wool can be reborn in the bath, is also the raw material given excellent fire performance, as a soft core tough rock wool, not only has excellent fire performance and excellent mechanical properties and low moisture absorption and high hate water rate, in a natural state, lower moisture absorption rate, to ensure better thermal insulation performance.


Large-scale project using Utson rock wool: Guangzhou South Railway Station

Today, with the rapid development of human civilization, the natural environment has been greatly damaged, and the environmental problem has become a severe issue that all mankind must face together. Energy saving and emission reduction, vigorously promoting low-carbon environmental protection green building has become the focus of the whole society. At the World Climate Conference in Copenhagen, the Chinese government made a solemn commitment to the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% by 2020 compared with 2005 levels.

Building energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of the total human energy consumption, so it is urgent to develop new building materials with energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon economy. In recent years, due to the improper selection of external thermal insulation materials caused by the fire alarming, to the people's lives and property safety caused great losses, rock wool products with its excellent fire insulation characteristics is internationally recognized as the "fifth conventional energy" in the main energy-saving materials. In the construction of each use of 1 ton of rock wool products for insulation, at least a year can save the energy equivalent to 1 ton of oil, in line with the trend of low carbon, energy saving, emission reduction, so as to be the ideal building insulation material - rock wool, is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges for development. Our mission at Uetersen is to protect life and make the environment sustainable by building buildings that are fire-resistant, energy-efficient and comfortable.


Uetersen professional insulation, solutions

? We create durable building insulation solutions that benefit generations of people and protect building users from fire for a long time. Our products can help improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and provide an excellent acoustic environment away from noise pollution.

? At Utson China, sustainable development is regarded as a corporate social responsibility inheritance from the very root of our business activities, and we implement this belief in all aspects of our production and operations. From the beginning of raw materials, we use recyclable natural rocks, and invest 10 million yuan in the production process, adding a series of devices such as waste filter room, post-burner, cloth bag room blowback and ash removal system to realize our commitment to the environment.


Uetersen field

? As a responsible company, we not only pay attention to the sustainable development of the whole society, but also practice our corporate social responsibility with practical actions. Utson firmly believes that rock wool will be applied in more fields in the future, and play a greater role in solving social and environmental problems.

? Uetersen not only has excellent rock wool product solutions, but also has a very professional service team and perfect thermal insulation, fire prevention knowledge structure. We inherit utson China's fire safety research results, promote the standardization of insulation industry standards, and contribute to creating more "green and safe" Buildings in China.