What is the fireproof effect of glass wool? What is the fire rating
2021-11-30       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Problem one: glass wool fire rating points

The combustion performance grade of high-rise building decoration materials should be divided into four levels:

Class A: incombustible; Class B1: flammability; Class B2: flammability; Class B3: flammability.

Question two: is glass wool fireproof

Uetersen centrifugal glass wool products are made of natural minerals such as quartz sand, dolomite, borax and other inorganic materials, mixed according to the requirements of specific process formula proportion, after 1360℃ high temperature hot melt, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology into glass wool products, Uetersen glass wool has non-flammable fire performance.

Problem three: centrifugal glass wool A1 grade and A2 grade fire rating which high

According to the Code for Fire Prevention of Building Interior Decoration Design GB50222, the combustion performance of materials is divided into A, B1, B2 and B3. In grade A, the fire resistance temperature of centrifugal glass wool can reach Grade A according to different high temperature resistance.

Problem four: glass cotton roll felt glass cotton fire rating is how many

A level.

According to the classification of fire protection grade of GB8624-2012 "Combustion Performance Classification of Building Materials and Products", because glass wool is an inorganic material, its own nature determines its non-combustible characteristics.

Question five: what is the difference between glass wool and rock wool

Glass wool is artificial inorganic fiber, can be set as porous material, chemical composition is glass class. Rock wool is an artificial lightweight inorganic fiber material. Good chemical stability.

Problem six: glass wool board insulation materials and A level of fire prevention materials

There are two ways to describe it, glass wool insulation material refers to its material, A grade fire retardant material refers to the combustion performance. Glass wool can generally achieve A combustion performance, unless you use A lot of other combustible materials in it.

Question seven: glass wool insulation material belongs to what kind of insulation

Glass wool thermal insulation material belongs to low temperature thermal insulation mode, belongs to grade A fire retardant material, power burning material. Glass wool thermal insulation material use temperature -120℃-400℃, used in construction, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields of thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.

Glass wool is currently recognized as the superior performance of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption materials, with heat preservation fire, sound absorption performance, high hate water, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics. Utson centrifugal glass sliver is suitable for most of the heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction building needs, especially suitable for dark and humid space environment, or densely populated, need environmental protection building materials.

Question eight: what is the difference between rock wool and glass wool

Rock wool is a hard material, usually plate.

Glass wool is a flexible material, both plate and pipe.

Problem nine: rock wool and glass wool fireproof material performance and difference

Rock wool and glass wool fire rating belongs to class A, rock wool high temperature resistance 800 degrees, glass wool high temperature resistance 450 degrees, rock wool bulk density is relatively heavy some glass wool bulk weight light, from the waterproof performance or glass wool is better.