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2021-12-01       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

For glass wool insulation board, I believe that many friends are no stranger, but for its own performance and use, it is very little to understand. So, what is glass wool insulation board? What is the performance and use of glass wool insulation board? Today, xiaobian will talk to you about those things about glass wool insulation board.

First, what is glass wool insulation board

Uetersen glass wool board is a patented centrifugal technology, will melt glass fibrosis, by adding thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder curing processed from the plate products. The slender glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, which can well confine air, thus playing the role of heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and safety protection. Glass wool board series has the characteristics of tight and strong material, smooth surface and strong compression resistance, and has a more beautiful appearance after installation.


Two, the performance of glass wool insulation board

1, glass wool insulation material in the application of pipelines

Glass wool insulation board is a kind of insulation material with binder, and by heating curing molding, is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical and other aspects. It is very convenient construction, has a good energy-saving effect, the surface can be pasted aluminum foil veneer can play the effect of heat preservation, moisture, radiation.


2, glass wool insulation material on the roof of the application

In our country, the roof is generally flat and suspended ceiling; In foreign countries, residential buildings are generally more pointed top, so more glass wool insulation materials need to be used. For the door model that has attic, air circulation pipe is provided below the roof, can solve the circulation of air already, still can have certain heat preservation heat insulation effect.


3, the application of glass wool insulation material on the ground

Many friends will use glass wool in storage, such as laying a layer on the floor of the warehouse, can play a very good heat preservation and moisture-proof effect. Basement is also very suitable for this material, especially the kind of basement without heating equipment, but also need this material to save heat. So the first floor of the building, under the floor, still needs to be filled with high-density glass wool.


Article summary: the above is about the introduction of glass wool insulation board and the performance of the use of all the content. In general, glass wool insulation board is a very widely used building materials, strong performance, even our civil home building is suitable for use.

Uetersen not only has excellent glass wool product solutions, but also has a very professional service team and perfect thermal insulation, fire prevention knowledge structure. We inherit utson China's fire safety research results, promote the standardization of insulation industry standards, and contribute to creating more "green and safe" Buildings in China.