How are acoustic materials used? Uetersen Little Class is open!
2021-12-06       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

You've probably been to a singing and dancing hi

Maybe shed a tear in the movie theater

Or is it opera Ritter wrestling with tragedy

A lot of people asked

Why big places like opera houses and cinemas

Sometimes it seems very quiet, you know?


Noise should not exceed 40 decibels during the day

No more than 30 decibels at night

However, the surrounding environment is noisy

If it's near a street, a business district, an airport

Or the neighbors argue that the floor is too thin

This standard is often not met

This often happens as follows

The students near the bathroom in the suite sleep

I'm constantly woken up by the sound of water pipes

Or the sound of square dancing by auntie down the street

Straight to the sky

This is often the time

We're gonna have to use our soundproofing

(Not tit for tat, of course)

It's soundproof and sound-absorbing


Excellent sound insulation and sound absorption material

Can make things better with half the effort

Big places like cinemas and opera houses

The more sources there are, the more echoes will be reflected

For a long time, it's easy to feel dizzy and have a headache

You thought it was the lack of oxygen

I feel dizzy after singing at KTV

It's an experience you've probably experienced

It's actually noise

Or is the reason that sound insulation absorption did not do well!

Use of acoustic materials

It's a way to get away from most of the noise


To avoid being woken by the sound of water running down the pipe

Sound insulation cotton can be used when decorating

After wrapping the water pipe

Seal the pipe with concrete brick or gypsum board

The alter of conduit wants to obtain property to agree above all oh!

Home decoration except smallpox

The original walls can also be soundproofed

For example, when redecorating

Add insulation cotton to the walls

Or soft glass cotton absorbent


Home edition decoration

Construction operations can be carried out as required

Choose your own sound insulation materials

Glass wool is just one of them

Acoustical range

High and low frequency sounds require different materials

Among them, glass wool has a good sound-absorbing effect in the middle frequency

The scope of use of two special materials is also very wide

Each professional acoustic material also has its advantages

And in a larger setting

For example, cinemas, opera houses and other public places mentioned in the beginning


The requirement of sound insulation is higher

Sound absorption and sound insulation materials are not confined to

Glass wool and fiberglass ceiling

There are sound insulation felt, glass wool soft package and so on

Different materials are used for medium and low audio

In order to effectively isolate noise

At the same time, professional sound absorbing materials

It also reduces the echo

So that people who are indoors are less likely to bounce back from sound waves

Headache and dizziness caused by


The scope of acoustics is very large

In the field of expertise

There are professional acoustic designers

Can be a public space for us

Design scientifically

A lot of seemingly unremarkable surfaces

We were amazed by the knowledge inside

Let professional people solve professional problems

While in the heat insulation fire

We uetersen are more than capable