Shenzhen HVAC Association Industry Forum: Green life, low carbon heating and cooling!
2021-12-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏


On The sunny December 4th, 2021, our uetersen partners from Guangzhou headquarters and shenzhen subsidiary have already set foot on the journey of shenzhen HVAC Industry Forum -- Summit Forum and General Meeting of Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association. The summit forum and general meeting with the theme of "Green Life, Low carbon Heating and cooling" was held in Crowne Plaza Shenzhen as scheduled.


Uetersen also participated in the HVAC's selection of brands presentation session before the conference.  The well-prepared uetersen partners gave detailed product explanations to the customers who came to know about the products, and explained the three products of Uetersen on display: Uetersen centrifugal glass wool, high-end rock wool, and High quality rubber.  Customers can understand the advantages and properties of glass wool and rock wool through the professional explanation of their partners on site. They can understand the flexibility and rebound effect of uetersen high-quality rubber and plastic by touching and pressing it.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Lin Qianjie, first Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of advanced Manufacturing industry association, delivered a speech.  This was followed by a speech on the industry knowledge and product performance of each representative.  Especially his friend in the meeting with the customer and industry representatives of communication industry, especially at the brand of the direction of the sustainable development of energy-saving heat preservation get the affirmation, also very accord with the theme of this BBS "green life, low carbon changes in temperature at the center of the", but also firmly to follow national advocate of green environmental protection, sustainable development direction.  


At the end of the event, Uetersen brand and products were unanimously recognized by hVAC, which awarded utson New Materials: Contribution Award.  The contribution award is a recognition of uetersen adherence to the concept of green environmental protection and the contribution of products to green environmental protection in the thermal insulation industry.    



Uetersen New Material Group adheres to the principle of "quality first, service first, scientific and technological innovation".  Business philosophy, professional, timely, meticulous service to provide customers with reliable cooperation and support, while establishing a stable and happy partnership.  With good business reputation to provide our customers with high quality environmental protection green products and perfect service.  Building energy conservation and insulation, but also inherited Utson's fire safety research, to create more "green, safe" buildings and contribute.  


We firmly believe that with the excellent product quality and perfect service system, Uetersen will enter more fields and serve more customers.  In the following days, Uetersen will ride the wind and waves to make green and low-carbon thermal insulation products advancing with the giants of The Times, and become an excellent brand with high quality in line with national standards, and strive to become a flag-waver in the green and sustainable development direction of thermal insulation industry.