Uetersen -- the choice of "new era", heat insulation and fire resistance
2021-12-10       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Wenzhou, a famous place from ancient times.

Wenzhou is the cradle of Chinese mathematicians, the hometown of Chinese southern opera, the hometown of Chinese seafood and eggs, wenzhou people are called Oriental Jews by Chinese people. Wenzhou dialect is also rated as one of the most difficult dialects in China. Wang Bo "Tengwangge preface" in "jin Three rivers and with five lakes, control pretty jing and yue ou" Yue Ou refers to Wenzhou. Wenzhou's Oujiang Estuary, the rise of the new district on a white paper, the new economy Wenzhou New Times Square, also add color to this new district.


In today's rapid economic development, the birth of new business places is often not without the participation of countless enterprises. A huaguang baoqi economy, in the early stage of construction and development, there is no such green building materials enterprises like Uetersen, to provide them with high quality insulation materials.


Wenzhou New Times Square -- Uetersen products poured into this new economy, protecting the concrete and steel body from fire and heat. The new Times Square uses uetersen special heat insulation glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust. It has excellent fire performance in all kinds of fire scenes to protect people's life and property safety. Because glass wool meets fire does not burn and carbonization, belongs to non-combustible A1 grade. It has the functions of heat preservation and fire prevention, and meets the fire resistance and heat insulation requirements of the smoke prevention and exhaust system in GB51251, so as to escort and guarantee the safety of the fire passageway.


Uetersen smoke prevention and exhaust insulation glass wool raw materials and exclusive formula and production process, has excellent durability, no corrosion to the pipeline, will not produce metal corrosion on the ventilation pipe. Also has a high hydrophobicity, because of the nature of hydrophobicity is also effective mildew antibacterial, inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Glass fiber does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances to respiratory tract, in line with EUGEB requirements, non-toxic, healthy and environmental protection.

In modern cities with serious sound pollution, glass wool also has sound absorption function. The soft waxy soft gap formed by uniform glass fiber of glass wool has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance, which can reduce wind speed noise generated by ventilation pipes while keeping heat and fire. Convenient construction, light weight, coupled with excellent green environmental performance, in line with the current era of sustainable development of the environment and people.


Wenzhou new Times Square such a large comprehensive place, the selection of high quality fire insulation materials is a top priority. The use of environmental protection, green and low-carbon thermal insulation materials, not only avoid the later increase in the number of maintenance due to pipeline corrosion, but also ensure the safety of the building body and daily operation. In the future, Uetersen will gradually go to more fields, to promote utsen fire and smoke exhaust system ventilation pipe, to more customers, Uetersen smoke prevention and exhaust insulation glass wool, make the building body more fire-resistant!