It's very energy efficient for building facades! Don't you know?
2021-12-10       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The humidity of winter makes the majority of southerners envy the heating of northerners, but the first wall insulation is not good enough. However, in recent years, the voice of building energy efficiency is getting higher and higher.

Beijing requires building energy efficiency to reach 80%, xi 'an requires 75%. In the building energy conservation wall accounted for a larger proportion. In the traditional exterior wall insulation material is rock wool insulation, but because of the use of the process, a long time is easy to cause aging and fall off. Cold and dry in the north region, exterior wall thermal insulation is one of the essential link of exterior wall thermal insulation decoration plate integrated as a new type of exterior wall thermal insulation material, has convenient installation, environmental protection and beautiful wait for a characteristic, has a good market space, according to China's energy-saving insulation materials association since 2016, our country insulation decorative board with multiple demand growth each year, It reached 40 million square meters in 2017 and is forecast to reach 320 million square meters in 2025.


But it is still mentioned that although decorative board is beautiful, convenient installation, the annual growth rate is also very fast, but why is the popularity not high?

From the point of view of material composition, the insulation decoration integrated board system itself has good waterproof performance. Thermal insulation decorative integrated board, such as the high-end brand Utsen they provide model structure: by A1 fire insulation rock wool (insulation layer) + composite high-density calcium silicate board + all kinds of decorative layer of new thermal insulation decorative board. Set decoration, heat preservation, energy saving, fire prevention, waterproof, environmental protection functions as a whole, can be widely used in all kinds of buildings.

In addition, Uetersen thermal insulation decoration board is also in the part of easy water seepage, the adhesive mortar is used to stick the finished line, in order to improve the anti-seepage effect; At the junction of the structure and the filled wall, the thermal insulation decorative integrated board is treated with the base layer, which makes the exterior wall waterproof performance of the thermal insulation decorative integrated board system better. In the part of pressing the top, the thermal insulation decorative integrated board adopts the treatment method of front water seam, which effectively reduces the structural phenomenon of "air seam". Through a series of waterproof and impermeable design, thermal insulation decorative integrated board has multi-layer waterproof, wind aging resistance, anti-expansion performance, in this case, its mission life is longer.


At present, the integrated board is very suitable for the current energy saving needs of insulation materials. But why wasn't it popular enough in the first place?

The reasons are as follows:

1. Compared with developed countries, the development of building energy conservation in China is relatively slow, starting in the 1980s. In 1986, the Ministry of Construction approved and published the first energy-saving design standard for residential buildings, and in 1992, the first energy-saving design standard for public buildings. Since the implementation of the Energy Conservation Law in 1998, the work of building energy conservation has been put on the agenda. The Ministry of Construction has approved and issued 21 important national and industrial standards including the Energy Conservation Design Standard for Public Buildings, and a standard system of civil building energy conservation with Chinese characteristics has been basically formed. To date, however, no project has been penalized for failing to meet energy efficiency standards.

2, the domestic requirements for energy saving standards are not the same, plus the difference in the weather between the north and the south, the choice of provinces and cities using insulation layer is not the same, so the popularity of relatively speaking and not so fast as imagined.

3. At the beginning, we said that the integrated board also develops rapidly because of the advantages of more energy saving and convenient installation of traditional wall insulation. However, behind the rapid development, the market of exterior wall insulation board is intermingled with good and bad, the price is different, some enterprises regardless of quality and safety, social responsibility, to provide shoddy products, resulting in a crisis of public confidence.


Uetersen New Material Group Co., LTD. -- rock wool insulation and decoration integrated board is not only suitable for the external wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also for the energy saving and decoration renovation of old buildings, external wall insulation of all kinds of public buildings and residential buildings, and indoor integrated decoration partition; It is suitable for buildings in the cold areas of the north and buildings in the hot areas of the south, solving the hidden dangers left by shoddy construction, and the south wants to have heating can also carry out villa insulation and enjoy the version.

The company has its own annual output of 3 million square meters of integrated board production line, a number of production lines introduced advanced automatic production equipment. Especially at heat preservation to decorate a whole board from the system design, the main raw material to the choose and buy of form a complete set of materials, fully automated production, processing technology to clean workshop to the node processing to cold bridge construction details, according to the requirements of building energy efficiency design, can produce all kinds of decorative surface heat preservation to decorate a whole plate, are widely used in all kinds of interior and exterior insulation and decoration of buildings.

That is to say, you want the appearance, uetersen they have, according to your needs to choose, absolutely do not step on pit!!