What is the difference between high temperature resistant glass wool and ordinary glass wool?—uetersen
2021-12-16       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏


High temperature resistant glass wool:

Uetersen centrifugal glass wool for high temperature is a light weight, durable and high temperature insulation material with excellent heat preservation performance, which is composed of slender, uniform glass fiber and special high temperature binder. It is widely used in heat preservation, heat insulation and noise reduction of equipment such as boiler, flue, hot air duct, dust collector, reactor etc., all kinds of products have obvious advantages and have higher cost performance because of light weight, durable and excellent heat preservation performance.


Performance advantages:

A. high temperature resistant

The highest operating temperature can reach 400℃, fully meet the requirements of various environments.

B. Aging resistance and durability

The uniform, slender and elastic glass fibers are closely connected with each other. This avoids deformation and accumulation caused by vibration and castrate thermal conductivity after long-term use.

C. Good tensile resistance

Thinner and longer glass fiber, so that the fiber is more flexible, the combination between the fibers more closely, the grasp between the fibers is further improved, so that the product has stronger tensile performance, to ensure that the product after the installation of fiber distribution, there will not be insufficient local thickness.

D. Strong fire performance

All uetersen ? glass wool products are class A1 non-combustible materials.

E. hydrophobic

Uetersen? glass wool has high hydrophobic properties, which can greatly reduce the possibility of reduced thermal insulation performance and service life of glass wool caused by water vapor infiltration.

F. Environmental health

High temperature glass wool insulation material is harmless to human body.




Ordinary glass wool:

Uetersen glass wool is a unique centrifugal technology, will melt glass fibrosis, by adding thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder curing processed from the plate products. The slender glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, which can well confine air, thus playing the role of heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and safety protection. Glass wool board series is tight and strong material, smooth surface, strong compressive characteristics, after installation, the appearance is more crisp and beautiful.

The sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool are not only related to thickness and bulk density, but also related to cover material and structure. In the application of construction, we also need to take into account the cost, aesthetics, fire prevention, moisture-proof, dust, aging resistance and other problems.

Advantages: slender glass fiber, low thermal conductivity; Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent sound transmission; Grade A non-combustible material, high fire resistance; Strong hydrophobicity, excellent mildew resistance; Stable chemical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance; Light material, simple construction; Low cost price, cost-effective.