Thermal insulation decorative integrated board: Why can become the new favorite of building exterior insulation?
2021-12-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

At present, the materials of China's building insulation market can be described as "a hundred flowers bloom together. Each construction material has its own unique advantages, such as the thermal insulation decoration board we mentioned today, most of the thermal insulation building materials often exist in the form of we can not see or extremely hidden, and the thermal insulation decoration board, is a veneer decoration in the public's view.


(Site insulation decoration integrated board effect)

Heat preservation and decoration integrated board is a new building material composed of heat preservation materials and decorative materials, which integrates heat preservation, decoration, energy saving and fire prevention. The thermal insulation and decoration system placed on the wall surface of buildings has excellent and long-term effect, less thermal bridge effect and good energy saving and thermal insulation effect.

The biggest advantage of thermal insulation decoration integrated board lies in the standardization and standardization of all the traditional processes that must be produced by discrete technology in the field. With stable product quality, not affected by the site construction environment and other advantages.

On June 21, 2021, the "High-rise Civil Buildings Fire Safety Management Regulations" was issued, which stipulated in Article 19: it is forbidden to use flammable and combustible materials as external thermal insulation materials for high-rise civil buildings; For high-rise civil buildings that use refractory external wall insulation materials or use the building external wall insulation system with a cavity between the basic wall and the decorative layer, it is forbidden to use fire and electricity on the external wall. The regulations will take effect on August 1, 2021.


In the current era of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, some cities are gradually standardizing the energy conservation requirements of building facades. For example, Beijing even requires the energy conservation of building facades to reach 80% of the building surface. In the construction and energy saving performance, the appearance of thermal insulation decorative integrated board also promotes the standardization of building facade energy saving progress.

Heat preservation decoration plate from system design to the main raw material to the choose and buy of form a complete set of materials, the full automatic dust-free workshop production (UV transfer), the processing technology to the node processing to cold bridge construction details, according to 65% of building energy efficiency design requirements, than the traditional energy-saving insulation heat preservation and heat insulation construction practice with more and better function. And 65% of the building energy saving in line with the "high-rise civil building fire safety management regulations". Only a tiny fraction of districts require more than 65%.


Thermal insulation decorative integrated boardcan be constructed quickly in a short time, do not need to go through the dry and wet base surface period, the choice of base surface is more free. For example: new and old renovation wall, indoor integration partition wall, public buildings, can also be used for villa residential wall insulation. In the vast territory of China, the thermal insulation rock wool material in the decorative integrated board has high hydrophobicity and can adapt to the temperature difference between the north and the south.

The thermal insulation and decoration integrated board exterior wall insulation system produced by Uetersen is composed of basic wall, bonding layer, rock wool thermal insulation core material, colorful decorative finished board, anchoring parts, sealing materials and so on. This exterior wall decorative integrated board is more tightly combined. Rock wool core adopts fire A1 class non-combustible standard Uetersen advanced rock wool, its high hydrophobicity is greater than 98%, uniform fiber distribution, which also makes the decorative integrated board more durable.


Uetersen in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of insulation decorative board delamination, improve the overall safety of insulation decorative board, the use of anchoring parts, tight fastening surface layer, and once again the insulation decorative board and wall firmly connected together. This fixed pattern provides security for the facade decoration of high-rise buildings. Uetersen thermal insulation decorative integrated board is committed to contribute to the energy conservation and environmental protection of Chinese building facades.