Change "waste" for treasure, waste rock wool is so useful!
2021-12-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In recent years, China's facility horticulture has developed rapidly, the planting area of facility horticulture has increased year by year, and it has become the country with the largest facility horticulture area in the world. However, some problems are also reflected in the development process, such as backward planting technology and slow research on new substrates.

The Netherlands is a leading agricultural country in the world. The area of rock wool cultivation in horticulture production accounts for 70% of the total soilless cultivation in the world. Cucumber and tomato cultivated in greenhouse have high yield and good quality. However, there are few cultivation modes with rock wool as the main substrate in China. The main reasons are that the professional degree of cultivation management in China is not high and the follow-up treatment of rock wool is troublesome.


Therefore, it is an important way to promote the development of rock wool cultivation and soilless cultivation in China to study the recycling of rock wool matrix and maximize the effective use time of rock wool.

Rock wool is not a disposable product

In order to explore a variety of uses of waste rock wool, a laboratory carried out a number of tests, and other national facilities agricultural engineering technology research center cooperation, a number of research results.

1, waste rock wool planting vegetables, the quality of vegetables has no impact. The results showed that the cultivation of green vegetables with waste rock wool in modern greenhouse could promote the growth of green vegetables and had no obvious effect on the quality of green vegetables, and the contents of nitrate and nitrite in green vegetables were in the normal range.


Waste rock sliver for vegetable planting

2. Greenhouse rock wool matrix can be recycled for more than 2 years, and the planting effect is not significantly different from that of new rock wool. Through the cultivation mode of tomato - melon - eggplant - okra rotation, different kinds of vegetables were successfully cultivated and produced on the same rock wool substrate, and the service life of rock wool reached 2 years. In addition, a part of the waste rock wool used for 2 years was used to plant tomato again, which also showed a good effect, and there was no significant difference with the new rock wool; The study also found that rock wool soaked after two years of use can also grow vegetables, the effect is also very good.

In conclusion, through the rotation of vegetable crops of different families and genera, rock wool matrix can be recycled for many times, so as to save production costs and realize the low-carbon, green and recyclable vegetable rock wool cultivation mode.


Waste rock wool eggplant planting

Waste rock wool is environmentally sound and useful

Rock wool is the main raw material of natural rock, widely distributed in nature and easy to exploit, and belongs to the inorganic inert matrix, will not bring harm to the natural environment. At the same time, after simple treatment, waste rock wool can be used alone or mixed with peat as the planting matrix of flowers and potted plants, which can effectively reduce the compaction; In addition, crushed rock wool can also be used as a soil conditioner to improve soil permeability.