Why is the demand for glass cotton felt increasing?—uetersen
2021-12-22       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass cotton felt is glass as the main raw material, and then mixed with dolomite, sand and other accessories in a certain proportion, sent to the glass melting kiln for full melting. The molten solution flows out through the casing and into the centrifuge. A high-speed centrifuge drives the glass to be spun into a stream of glass, which is further stretched into fibers by a high-temperature, high-speed flame, and then sprayed with an atomizing adhesive. The fibers attached with a resin binder are cooled on a moving mesh belt under the action of negative pressure air in the cotton collection net. Uniform cotton felt is formed, and then the curing process is completed through a constant temperature curing furnace. The product is molded, and after molding, it is cut into a predetermined product, and then vacuum-packed.

At present, glass wool blanket has become a recognized building material with excellent heat insulation and sound absorption properties.

Uetersen glass wool felt is the use of centrifugal technology, melt glass fibrosis and thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder processed products, is a glass fiber produced by a diameter of only a few microns of elastic felt. Glass wool felt and according to the use of requirements to choose different moisture-proof veneer online composite.


Performance advantages:

A. high temperature resistant

Uetersen ? glass woolhas advanced production technology, professional production technology and strict quality control, the highest operating temperature can reach 400℃, fully meet the requirements of various environments.

B. Fire performance

More than 90% of its raw materials are natural inorganic minerals, so it has excellent fire performance. Uetersen ? all glass wool products belong to CLASS A1 non-combustible materials according to the judgment of China National Fire Prevention Building Materials Quality Inspection Center in accordance with GB8624-2006.

C. moisture resistance

With high hydrophobicity, can greatly reduce the possibility of glass wool thermal insulation performance and reduced service life caused by water vapor infiltration of glass wool.


It does not contain asbestos and mold, because the centrifugal glass wool board is soft in texture and the fiber is long and thin, it will not fall off and become powdery during construction, which will stimulate the skin of construction personnel and ensure personal safety.

E. Simple structure

Glass cotton felt low density, convenient construction, can be cut according to the construction needs.

So the potential of glass wool in the future is still very big, there is a need for insulation materials to find uetersen - your insulation consultant.