Glass wool board fire resistance limit is how many hours? - uetersen
2021-12-28       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

At present, materials in the construction industry are various, widely used and in different forms. The use of each material plays an extremely important role. Be decorated in the family for example perhaps the coating that can be contacted in large project, plank. They may be indispensable to the building body: moisture-proof, waterproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention and other special role of the material. In the national standards, the building usually needs to achieve moisture insulation, heat insulation, and the most important fire protection function. In the event of fire, the role of fireproof materials can restrain or reduce the spread and generation of fire and smoke within the effective time. Provide a safe escape environment for those exiting the fire site within effective fire prevention time.

There are three conditions for the construction of a building to reach the fire resistance limit, namely: (1) loss of support ability; ② The integrity is destroyed, the framework can not support and collapse; (3) The loss of fire isolation, fire spread. Three conditions to achieve any one of the conditions, to determine the building body to reach the fire resistance limit. So the fire resistance limit of a building body in addition to its own building materials part of the fire resistance performance, what materials can help the building body to improve the fire resistance limit?


One, standardised  install smoke control and exhaust ducts, once the building fireworks disaster, smoke exhaust equipment installed in the smoke exhaust system pipeline, usually closed, manual or electric open fire, smoke exhaust role. Reduce the inhalation of toxic gases produced by fire into the human body, resulting in life risks, but also play a certain role in fire prevention and smoke extraction for rescue.

Two, in the building partition wall, pipe use fire insulation non-flammable or flame retardant materials for decoration, or the use of fire retardant paint. Fire can effectively reduce the decorative surface burning or harmful gas, avoid to escape from the fire before inhaling too much harmful gas, fire, often 75% of people because of toxic gas inhalation and death. That's why you should cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel during fire drills.

Three, the choice of green environmental protection standards of materials, such as Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool, glass wool board. High quality fireproof materials in transportation and use of convenient construction, and avoid harmful substances, gas generation. If the use of unqualified fire prevention materials, corrosion of walls, pipes, etc., too late to maintain the fire protection effect of fire prevention materials damage and produce disaster, the gain outweighs the loss.


In the national standard, the building body has a very strict fire limit standard, and the fireproof materials used must also meet the national fire standard. Uetersen glass wool, according to different use occasions, the thickness of glass wool and the type of use, the lowest fire resistance limit is 0.5 hours, the highest can reach 1.5 hours, this range of fire resistance limit glass wool products are suitable for building multiple directions of heat insulation fire prevention. The processing process of glass wool products, the length and uniformity of glass fiber and the content of slag ball ensure the quality and performance of glass wool products.

Uetersen thermal insulation brand make full use of centrifugal production technology, the production of glass wool products with uniform fiber and very low slag ball content, and has good tensile and resilience. In the face of fire, glass wool, as a smoke control and exhaust duct thermal insulation and fire insulation material, can make the smoke control and exhaust system adhere to the fire resistance time of 1.5 hours when fire exhaust, maintain the integrity of the exhaust duct, avoid ignition or fire spread, and strive for fire rescue time in a certain period of time.