What are the advantages of glass wool felt structure? - uetersen
2021-12-29       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool is by far the most commonly used one kind of thermal insulation materials, glass wool product type many, such as glass wool board, glass wool pipe and glass wool blanket, but the cotton blanket is a widely used material, glass wool blanket fluffy internal structure, the overall density is high, can prompt the absorption to voice out, porous also enhance the noise reduction effect. When used in noisy areas, they can meet people's need for silence and maximize their sound absorption capacity.

Glass wool felt has two main functions:

1, heat insulation, modern buildings are most concerned about the service life and degree of heat insulation, at the same time, in the face of frequent fire in recent years, the country has gradually improved the insulation standards of buildings, as a good insulation function of glass wool, is the priority choice of building heat insulation.

2, noise, glass wool is a kind of chemical fiber, so since it is a fiber, there must be some gaps and a lot of small fiber holes. Industry insiders all know that it is an excellent sound absorbing material, with good sound absorbing characteristics, with such characteristics, it is often used as a good helper to reduce the noise of buildings.


In the process of using glass wool felt, it really meets the needs of building materials and plates in Our country, and meets the basic needs of easy shaping, easy processing and easy handling. Of course, in the application process, but also to improve the service life, stable chemical composition, erosion resistance, that is, relatively high tolerance. Therefore, judging the development situation of glass wool products in the field of plate relying on different perspectives is naturally more worthy of expectation and highly recognized.

Glass wool felt in use process, because it is too thin, is likely to have harm to people's skin, even more cannot ignore, some manufacturers use raw materials made of superfine glass wool does not use qualified raw material, this will affect the human body and air, reach the role of environmental protection, so, we should be strict to select and use products, Ensure the normal use of the product environmental protection, this is the correct way to use, will not bring burden to the environment.


Nowadays, the construction industry develops rapidly, in terms of the construction process, in fact, it can be divided into several sub-structures. With the improvement of the construction quality, the performance and quality requirements of building materials are becoming higher and higher. After the elimination of a number of chicken ribs building materials, there are many materials with good quality and performance, glass wool is one of the highlights.

Uetersen glass wool felt is the use of centrifugal technology, melting glass fibrosis and thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder processed products, is a glass fiber produced by a diameter of only a few microns of elastic felt. Glass wool felt and according to the use of requirements to choose different moisture-proof veneer online composite.

In the actual construction process, we usually accept building materials with multiple functional advantages. Glass wool series products have good heat insulation, fire prevention, flame retardant, sound absorption and shock absorption, moisture-proof and waterproof properties. At the same time, glass wool is a relatively common material, which is usually used in the construction process.


Application: fire - proof, heat - insulation, sound - absorbing high - rise building and refrigeration. Air conditioning room, vehicles, ships and other thermal insulation, cold protection.