What are the performance advantages of glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust duct? -- Uetersen insulation material
2022-01-04       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber. Because of its different uses, in production according to the requirements of use, made of glass wool products. So what are the properties of glass wool used in smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe?

The requirements of smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe should meet the requirements of heat insulation and fire resistance of smoke prevention and exhaust system in GB51251, the technical Standard for Building Smoke Prevention and exhaust System, and the glass wool raw material glass itself belongs to non-combustible material, has good chemical properties, after melting at 1360℃, the centrifuge is spun into glass fiber, The process is the same as the marshmallows we see on the street.


The role of smoke prevention and exhaust pipe is very important in the building, and the role of glass wool is to wrap the pipe, moisture-proof, fire prevention, sound absorption, heat insulation, because of the internal fiber fluffy staggered, there are a lot of tiny pores, is a typical porous sound absorption material, has good sound absorption characteristics. In daily use of smoke prevention and exhaust duct, glass wool can absorb and isolate sound energy and reduce the transmission of pipeline noise.

The performance advantage of glass wool is that the above problems can not only take into account, but also has excellent performance in construction: convenient cutting, conducive to handling. Formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool uses formaldehyde-free safe and green adhesive and curing agent, so as to effectively avoid the divergence of formaldehyde, ammonia, phenol and other toxic substances, thus causing harm to the human body.

In addition to the advantages of the above fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and other functions, glass wool can also effectively reduce the corrosion of the pipeline to avoid packaging, reduce the number of maintenance and replacement in the later use. Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass wool, has more slender glass fiber than ordinary glass wool, in the process of use, will not affect the use effect of glass wool because of uneven distribution, uetersen glass wool wrapped pipe fitting and convenient, less dust and no sting, itchy. In line with the national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection of new materials, the quality of products and services, but also in the insulation industry to obtain consistent praise.