How is the insulation performance of glass wool felt? - uetersen
2022-01-05       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass cotton roll felt comes in three shapes and sizes. Generally, the thickness of glass cotton blanket is 50-200mm, the width is divided into 1.15m and 1.2m, and the length is not more than 8m. Glass wool felt veneer material variety, collectively known as aluminum foil veneer material.

Glass wool felt insulation performance is strong, sound absorption noise reduction, the effect is significant, glass wool products are very soft texture, fine fiber. The product will not add any irritating products in the production process, nor will it cause harm to the human body, can be trusted to use, and will not pollute the environment.


First of all, as a person born in the land of thermal insulation materials, I have a lot of knowledge about the thermal insulation industry in big cities, the most famous of which is glass wool. There are three main factors for glass wool price stability: first, glass wool production line is very expensive, ordinary businesses can not buy, so can do this manufacturers are very secure; Second, the material of glass wool products is glass fiber, the cost is not expensive; Third, glass wool manufacturers to reputation, so glass wool price stability, this is for sure. Our company produces glass wool, welcome to buy.

Uetersen ? centrifugal glass wool products are made of natural minerals such as quartz sand, dolomite, borax and other inorganic materials, mixed in accordance with the requirements of a specific process formula proportion, after high temperature melting at 1360℃, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology into glass wool products. The highest operating temperature can reach 400℃, fully meet the requirements of various environments.

1. Thermal insulation performance: the lower the thermal conductivity of the material, the thinner the design thickness required, the lower the cost, and the fewer problems in node design. For thermal insulation products with thermal conductivity greater than 0.045W/(m.K), it is almost impossible to be used in buildings with high energy saving requirements.

2. Aging resistance and durability: Uniform, slender and elastic glass fibers are closely connected with each other. That avoids deformation and accumulation caused by vibration and a sudden decline in thermal conductivity after long-term use.

3. Good tensile resistance: thinner and longer glass fiber, so that the fiber is more flexible, the combination between the fibers more closely, the grasp force between the fibers is further improved, so that the product has stronger tensile performance, to ensure that the product is evenly distributed after installation and use, there will not be insufficient local thickness.

In the market economy environment, the open market economy system effectively promotes the development of glass wool manufacturers, glass wool manufacturers also seize the opportunity to constantly expand their production strength, to obtain more market. Consumers in the face of many manufacturers, sometimes it's hard to choose, today small make up take you to understand how to choose the glass wool manufacturer, when choosing glass wool board manufacturers, we should consider the strength of the manufacturers, because of strong glass wool manufacturer can guarantee the quality of products in the production process, at the same time guarantee the rationality of the glass wool product price, Effectively protect the actual interests of customers.