Hotel and KTV why so quiet, wall sound insulation with what material?—uetersen
2022-01-06       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In the hotel hotel, you will find that are very quiet, because the hotel hotel in the decoration of the noise reduction to do processing, noise is difficult to enter from the outside to affect the hotel hotel rooms and other indoor; In noisy places such as KTV, noise also needs to be strictly controlled so as not to affect the surrounding residents. These places through space design, as well as wall sound insulation measures, effectively reduce the spread of noise, thus creating a quiet environment of the hotel.

However, we often in a lot of residential buildings, neighborhood neighbors found that the sound insulation effect is very poor, the hotel hotel sound insulation and KTV sound insulation noise reduction, in the end what is the sound insulation material?

1, glass wool board, also can be called glass fiber sound insulation board, is made of glass high temperature melting after the formation of fiber, and then made of a certain density of the plate, the internal fibers interleave each other, there are countless internal pores, sound through glass wool board is a lot of absorption, sound transmission and reflection are greatly weakened. Thickness and density of different can affect the sound-absorbing effect, we should go according to their needs to purchase.


2, rock wool board, is made of basalt as raw material, is also formed after high temperature burning fiber plate, rock wool board sound insulation principle is similar to glass wool board. The density of rock wool board is generally larger than glass wool board. As a sound insulation material, the density of rock wool board is generally about 50kg/m?.


Glass wool board and rock wool board are porous sound absorption materials, in the application of building wall sound insulation is very widely, such as the hotel mentioned before, KTV, and some stadiums and so on, will be installed in the building wall glass wool board or rock wool board to do sound insulation treatment. As sound insulation materials, glass wool board and rock wool board in addition to sound absorption and sound insulation performance is good, or commonly used thermal insulation building materials, and the fire rating has reached A level.

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