What is the action of high grade fireproof board? - uetersen
2022-01-11       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

As China and the world growing emphasis on the building fire prevention, woodiness combustible organic plank has strict limits on the architectural engineering use, and gypsum board, calcium silicate board, such as inorganic fireproof plate as the strength, toughness, resistance to water, secondary processing performance can not meet the requirement of the construction engineering construction and application, the promotion has certain resistance.

Fire-proof board has double advantages of organic board and inorganic board, mainly used for building hanging items, internal partition wall and other fire-proof parts of the decoration. China has many large projects in the decoration of the use of fire plate. After several years of application practice has proved that the use effect is good, and in the professional heat preservation and fire prevention, fire prevention board is also used with glass wool, rock wool and other non-combustible fire insulation materials.


Because fire prevention board is a kind of new product, some construction, production personnel has not mastered production technology and construction technology, more some enterprises are driven by economic interests, when production is shoddily made, when construction is careless and perfunctory. Users of this product is difficult to distinguish good and bad, resulting in a lot of accidents in construction projects, affecting the development of fire plate. There are also some enterprises invested a lot of energy and material resources in the research and development of fire prevention board, such as the fire control smoke exhaust system ventilation pipe of Uetersen, which has the function of heat preservation and fire prevention. The effective fire protection time of 120min-180min can be achieved by using calcium silicate fibreboard with A1 grade incombustible rock wool + galvanized sheet. The development of fireproof plate can effectively maintain the integrity of the fire site when the building meets fire, and at the same time provide convenience and relative safety guarantee for rescue work.