Is the thermal insulation pipe the same as the rubber and plastic pipe of thermal insulation material? - uetersen
2022-01-13       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In fact, when it comes to thermal insulation pipe and rubber and plastic pipe, the two are still very different. Generally speaking, both are mainly tubes, used in some materials, but the two are very different from the appearance of materials. Next, xiaobian will talk about the difference between thermal insulation pipe and rubber and plastic pipe.

One, insulation pipe

Thermal insulation pipe is actually a kind of thermal insulation pipe referred to as thermal insulation pipe, it is used for liquid gas and other medium transportation, in petrochemical, aerospace, hot spring, military central heating and air conditioning field of municipal pipeline thermal insulation engineering has great applicability, at present. Thermal insulation pipe it is mainly widely used in central heating for the transmission of cold and hot oil and soft cold storage, coal, petrochemical and other industries, thermal insulation engineering, this thermal insulation pipe or has a very large effect, and there are two types of classification, one is steel sleeve steel composite, one is polyurethane and so on.

Two, rubber and plastic pipe

Rubber tube is different, rubber insulation pipe thermal conductivity is low, adiabatic and completely closed pore structure, good effect lasting, and material and the water cut off completely, not bibulous won't burn, solidify service life is longer, so the rubber tube is also have very good effect, especially in the thermal insulation effect is very good, the material and the water vapor completely cut off, not bibulous won't burn, no condensation, Long service life, and beautiful appearance. The overall performance is relatively good, high temperature flexibility, shock resistance, safety is very good.


Three, the difference between the two

The difference is very big, first in terms of rubber and plastic pipe, its flexibility is strong, earthquake resistance is strong, this is its characteristic, and thermal insulation pipe is particularly strong heat preservation, but there is no rubber tube good flexibility, flexibility and thermal insulation pipe it is has strong corrosion resistance, waterproof, comprehensive performance is not so good insulation effect, But its thermal insulation effect is better, and acid and alkali resistance, the other two are not the same in the application field, rubber pipe can also be used in the frozen water pipe, air pipe and hot water pipe. Thermal insulation pipe is also mostly central heating for cold and hot, there is a wide range of application, such as conveying coal and oil.