Can glass wool insulation materials be used for high-rise building insulation?? - uetersen
2022-01-14       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Encountered multi-storey building fire cases, the root cause is the wall heat preservation material basic don't flame retardant, glass wool board material its excellent heat insulation performance is very good, glass wool board material can guarantee its excellent flame retardant non-combustible properties, when using, can meet the needs of customers, can be cut into glass wool blanket, glass wool board, glass wool pipe size, such as the size of the different models, In the engineering construction of the use of the product's own excellent heat insulation characteristics.

Multi-storey building glass wool board material it sound-absorbing effect is obvious, when use the sound-absorbing product function and its thickness and density has a great relationship, it can heat insulation properties are so excellent, and its products of raw materials and processing of the intimate relationship, from the point of view, the current development of glass wool board material is its low thermal conductivity, No matter in high temperature or low temperature environment can ensure its excellent heat insulation characteristics.


Glass wool board is an ideal sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material for multi-storey buildings. It is widely used for roof insulation, cooling and sound-absorbing materials. Building insulation, cold; Entertainment venues, theaters, television stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound-absorbing processing; Air conditioning piping refrigeration and refrigerated warehouse insulation; Audio cabinet, audio adjustment, because of centrifugal glass cotton soft, fiber fine, glass wool board manufacturers in the process of construction will not stimulate the skin, so it is loved by construction enterprises, into heat insulation products.

In addition to good thermal insulation performance, but also low thermal conductivity; Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent sound transmission; Grade A non-combustible material, high fire resistance; Strong hydrophobicity, excellent mildew resistance; Stable chemical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance; Light material, simple construction; Low cost price, cost-effective advantages.