Is rubber and plastic insulation toxic? - uetersen
2022-01-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

rubber and plastic is a general term for rubber and plastic. They are all subsidiary products of petroleum. In the process of producing products, they have different uses. Rubber is most widely used in tires, while plastics are more and more widely used with the demand of technology and market, and can be seen everywhere in daily life. For example, we often use plastic fast-food boxes, various plastic bags.

Plastic and rubber belong to polymer materials, mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen two kinds of atoms, and some contain a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluorine, sulfur and other atoms, its performance is special, the use is special. At room temperature, plastics are solid, hard and cannot be stretched out of shape; And rubber hardness is not high, elastic, can be stretched longer, stop stretching and can be restored to original state. This is due to their different molecular structures. Another difference is that plastic can be recycled many times, whereas rubber cannot be recycled directly, but can only be processed into recycled rubber before it can be used. Plastic forms at more than 100 to 200 degrees similar to rubber forms at 60 to 100 degrees. Plastics do not include rubber.


The rubber and plastic insulation material is made up of the above two kinds of combination, the main raw materials are butadiene rubber, polyvinyl chloride, ratio of all kinds of high-quality auxiliary materials for processing foaming excellent insulation materials.

In the production of traditional rubber and plastic materials, flame retardants are added to the rubber and plastic materials in order to meet the requirements of flame retardant materials. Due to the cost of flame retardants and other additives, domestic rubber and plastic manufacturers usually add additives containing halogen elements, resulting in black smoke and melting drops when burning rubber and plastic.

But under the current national conditions of energy conservation and environmental protection, some manufacturers have developed green rubber and plastic insulation materials, which are used in pipeline insulation, industrial, air conditioning, hVAC, refrigeration equipment, the insulation effect is better than the effect of glass wool. For example, the CLASS 0 high-end rubber and plastic of Uetersen , its use performance is better than ordinary grade rubber and plastic, raw materials and green halogen-free element additives, non-toxic, non-flammable in case of fire, flame retardant effect, no melting phenomenon.


Therefore, rubber and plastic materials in the use of natural raw materials and non-toxic additives, the thermal insulation rubber and plastic materials produced by the production of non-toxic flame retardant effect, fire will not burn, melting drops. Uetersne in the field of insulation, more than ten years of brand precipitation and technology innovation, in the insulation industry to turn the tide, promote China's green life, low carbon environmental protection insulation industry energy-saving development, but also for the future technical innovation and insulation research and development laid a solid foundation.