Is the price of insulation material expensive? What are they?
2022-01-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In building materials more and more abundant today, as kind purpose is different, utility form also is varied. Thermal insulation material is a special material in the construction, in the use of particularity and specificity, different from ordinary building materials. When we choose thermal insulation materials because of the unfamiliar with the material, the function is also little known, and the price of thermal insulation materials do not understand it. Here, we provide part of the network wall insulation product price reference range, hope to be useful to you.

A. The external wall movable board room material has the characteristics of fire isolation and waterproof, and the price of this board is about 55;

B. Metal carved board has light steel material of heat insulation and fire prevention, the price of such plate is about 60;

C. Exterior wall rock wool board is a kind of plate with cotton strip color steel sandwich, the price of this plate is about 20;

D. vitrified microbeads insulation mortar has a very important insulation effect, and the price of such material is about 100;

E. Extruded polystyrene board is one of the external wall insulation materials, and the price of such insulation materials is about 110.

Glass wool, rock wool, rubber and plastic products can be customized according to the requirements of the common thermal insulation materials, in the use of the occasion style is not the same, the price will be because of the use of the form of materials and whether there is a composite processing of the material pricing is not the same.


For example, glass wool is divided into glass wool board, glass wool felt, glass wool tube, glass sliver, and veneer aluminum foil glass wool products, each product should be combined with the actual use of valuation. Insulation materials and grade distribution, such as: ordinary glass wool price and formaldehyde-free glass wool price is not the same. Here's an example:

50mm glass wool with aluminum foil is about 7.29 yuan /㎡, while 50mm glass wool without aluminum foil is only about 5 yuan /㎡. The same glass wool products, the difference depends on whether there is aluminum foil, the difference in price will be very big. In addition to veneer material, glass wool thickness density also affects the price of glass wool. Traditional glass wool and environmentally friendly glass wool use different additives, then the price will follow fluctuations. Therefore, in the procurement of insulation materials, at the same time to pay attention to the needs of many aspects, in addition to the price and demand, but also choose to ensure that the supply of brands on time, to ensure that the delivery on time, construction.

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